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What is the Asian handicap in betting?
How to use Asian Handicap Calculator

What is the Asian handicap in betting?

With this online Asian Handicap calculator, you can easily calculate the potential profits and payoffs for your wagers. It allows you to analyze every possible scenario for a particular bet and view the results for a specific scoreline. The Asian Handicap betting market is popular for soccer matches and other sports where a tie is a likely outcome. The quarter handicaps in Asian Handicap betting can be confusing, but this calculator helps you understand how it works.
The Asian Handicap calculator is an essential tool for any bettor who wants to take advantage of the popular Asian Handicap betting system. Originating in Asia, Asian Handicap betting is now prevalent worldwide, especially in football, ice hockey, and other sports where a draw is likely. The Asian Handicap system involves the bookmaker setting a handicap, or a line, to level the playing field between the teams. The underdog's goal tally is increased by a predetermined number, while the favourite's goal tally is reduced by the same number.

How to use Asian Handicap Calculator

Using the online Asian Handicap calculator from Pure Calculators, you can calculate your payoff and profit scenarios for your Asian Handicap bets. Whether you want to view the bet result for a specific scoreline or analyse every possible scenario for a particular wager, this calculator has got you covered.
For example, let's consider a match between Manchester United and Stoke City, with Manchester United playing at home. A simple handicap bet could be:
Manchester United (-1.5): 1.95 Stoke City (+1.5): 1.95
Both bets pay out at 1.95 decimal odds. After the game, 1.5 goals are added to Stoke City's final tally before determining the winning bet. If Manchester United wins 3-1, the handicap result is Manchester United 3.0-2.5 Stoke City, and the Manchester United (-1.5) bet wins. If Manchester United wins by two goals or more, the Manchester United (-1.5) handicap bet wins. If Stoke City wins or loses by less than two goals, the Stoke City (+1.5) handicap bet wins.
A single handicap is when a handicap is stated in whole or half goals, and you either lose all of your bet, or the whole bet wins at the stated odds. For example, (-2), (+3.5), (-0.5), and (0) are single handicaps. A draw or a push is possible if the handicap is a whole number, which results in a refunded bet. A handicap of (0) is similar to a head-to-head bet, except bets are refunded in the event of a drawn match. A (0) handicap is often referred to as a draw no bet wager among bookmakers.
By understanding the Asian Handicap system and using the Asian Handicap calculator, you can increase your chances of winning and make more informed bets. So, why not try it out for yourself and see the results?
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Published: Mon Mar 20 2023
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