Statistical calculators

Statistics is a discipline focused on the collection, organization, and presentation of data.Representative sampling is conducted to assure that the conclusions drawn from the sample can be applied to the whole population. Experiments involve taking multiple measurements of a system. An observational study is not conducted for experimental manipulation. We have curated a collection of statistical helpers for you!

Statistics calculators

Winning Percentage Calculator

This is a free online tool that will help you calculate your chances of winning.

Population Growth Calculator

The population growth calculator will ask you to enter the current population, the number of years, as well as the growth rate. After you enter the number of years, the calculator will display the new population.


This unemployment calculator allows you to quickly calculate the unemployment percentage in a particular country.

Coinflip Probability Calculator

Use this free tool to figure out the odds of a coin flip.

Betting Odds Calculator

This is an online tool that will calculate your odds of winning a bet.

Double Chance Calculator

Lottery Jackpot Odds Calculator: Calculate Your Chances Of Winning

Use the Lottery Jackpot Odds Calculator to see what your odds are of winning the lottery. Free for use by lottery players around the world.

Asian Handicap Calculator

Anytime Goal Scorer Calculator

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