Physics calculators

Our calculators will make your physics homework a piece of cake! Physics is a natural science that studies the behavior of matter. It focuses on the interactions between energy and force. Physics is among the oldest academic disciplines. Through its inclusion in astronomy, it is also considered to be the oldest branch of scientific research. Physics is often intermixed with other interdisciplinary fields of research, such as biophysicists and quantum chemists. Its boundary is not rigidly defined.

Physics calculators

Average Speed Calculator

This is an online tool that will calculate any moving object's average speed.

Torque Calculator

Calculate and convert the force of torque in different units with this easy-to-use online calculator. Works with Nm, Ft-lb, Kg-cm, J/rad.

Hemisphere Volume Calculator

Find out easily hemisphere volume of different shapes such as cube, cylinder, pyramid and many more with our free online calculator.

Beer-Lambert Law Calculator

The Beer-Lambert law calculator will calculate the absorption or attenuation of light when passes through any material.

Harris-Benedict Calculator (total Energy Expenditure TDEE & Bmr)

If you are concerned about your health and body, the Harris-Benedict Calculator (BMR calculator), which runs on the Harris-Benedict formula, is the right tool for you!

Density Calculator

The density calculator can help you determine the relationship between an object's weight and its volume.

Wavelength Calculator

This wavelength calculator is a tool that can help you determine the relationship between frequency and wavelength.

Charles Law Calculator

The Charles' Law Calculator is a simple tool that describes the basic parameters and properties of ideal gases in an isobaric process.

Kinetic Energy Calculator

The kinetic energy calculator can be used to calculate the energy of motion. It uses the kinetic energy formula that applies to all objects in a horizontal or vertical motion.

Acceleration Calculator

This acceleration calculator can be used to determine the speed at which an object is changing.

Angular Velocity Calculator

This angular velocity calculator is an easy-to-use tool that provides immediate answers to the question: "How to calculate angular velocity?”

Distance Calculator

Use this online tool to calculate the distance between two points.

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