Fashion and beauty calculators

With the help of our calculators you can for example find your clothing size! Fashion is an expression of individuality and autonomy in a specific context. It often refers to a look that is trending in a specific period and place. Everything that's considered fashion is widely available and popular within the fashion system. Due to the increasing mass production of commodities such as clothes, sustainability has become an essential issue within the fashion industry and society.

Fashion calculators

Dress Size Calculator

Find the perfect dress size for your measurements with this free online dress size calculator!

Shoe Size Calculator UK US EU (chart & Conversion)

This shoe size converter allows you to convert different shoe sizes into EU, US, and UK sizes.

Circle Skirt Calculator

By using this calculator, you can figure out how much material you'll need to sew a skirt that fits like a glove.

Bra Size Calculator

This calculator will calculate the best bra size based on the given measurements.

Hat Size Calculator

This easy tool will help you calculate the right hat size for you!

Dividend Yield Calculator

This dividend calculator is an easy tool that allows you to determine how much money you will make from a particular investment.

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