Chemistry calculators

From this page you can find links to all kinds of calculators that relate to chemistry. Chemistry is the study of the properties of matter. It investigates the various elements that make up the universe. Chemistry is a basic scientific discipline that explains various aspects of life. It can also be used to explain concepts such as the formation of ozone, the effects of atmospheric pollutants, and the effects of certain medications. Chemistry talks about the interactions between atoms and molecules through chemical bonds. There are two kinds of chemical bonds: primary and secondary. They are known as ionic bonds and primary chemical bonds. The term chemistry comes from a modified word that refers to an earlier practice that included elements of chemistry, philosophy, medicine, and astronomy.

Chemistry calculators

Calculator For Gibbs Free Energy

The Gibbs energy calculator is the ideal tool for determining whether or not a chemical reaction can happen on its own.

Chemistry Moles Calculator

Our moles to grams converter makes it easy to convert between molecular weight, mass, and moles.

Molarity Calculator

This calculator converts the mass concentration of any solution into molar concentration. It also recalculates grams per ml to moles. It is also possible to calculate the mass of any substance required to reach a desired level of molarity.

Mass Percent Calculator

You can use the mass percent calculator to determine your percentage ratio between the mass of a component and the total weight of the substance.

Solution Dilution Calculator

The solution dilution calculator calculates how to dilute a stock solution at a known concentration to get an arbitrary volume.

Nernst Equation Calculator

This Nernst equation calculator shows the fundamental formula for electrochemistry, the Nernst Equation (also known as the Cell Potential equation).

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