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This calculator will calculate the best bra size based on the given measurements.

Bra Size Calculator

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Size of the frame (band size)
Cup size
Things to consider when buying a bra

Size of the frame (band size)

Band size refers to the size of the bra band surrounding the torso. There are different sizes for band sizes in other countries. Therefore, sizes like small, medium or large can mean different measurements. You can refer to the table below to see some sizes, although some deviation may be from the published measurements.
Band size FR/BE/ES EU US and UK AU and NZ
XXS 75 60 28 6
XS 80 65 30 8
S 85 70 32 10
M 90 75 34 12
L 95 80 36 14
XL 100 85 38 16
XXL 105 90 40 18
3XL 110 95 42 20
4XL 115 100 44 22
5XL 120 105 46 24

Cup size

The difference between the bust and the band sizes can calculate the cup size. Refer to the table.
Bust/band difference in inches US cup size UK and AU cup size
<1 AA AA
1 A A
2 B B
3 C C
4 D D
5 E or DD DD
6 F or DDD E
7 G or DDDD F
8 H FF
9 I G
10 J GG
11 K H
12 L HH
13 M J
14 N JJ
Bust/band difference in inches Continental Europe cup size
10-11 AA
12-13 A
14-15 B
16-17 C
18-19 D
20-21 E
22-23 F
24-25 G
26-27 H
28-29 I
30-31 J
32-33 K


Wearing lingerie every day is more than just an undergarment. It gives you the support you need and comforts you require to feel good all day. To ensure your bra fits correctly, look for these signs.
  • The center panel lies flat against your chest.
  • You can rest assured that your straps will stay in place on your shoulders. They won't slip or dig in.
  • The underwire wraps around your breasts completely and sits below.
  • Your breasts won't bulge out of the cups.
  • Your cups won't gape, and the cup fabric doesn't wrinkle.
  • Your band is snug without feeling too tight.
  • The band sits parallel with the floor.
  • Your breasts face forward
  • Even sitting down, you are comfortable.
  • Things to consider when buying a bra

    It's important that you find a bra that fits well and feels comfortable if you like to wear one.
    A bra that isn't optimal can harm your physical health.
    For example, wires and straps that are too tight can cause skin irritation.
    A bra that doesn't provide enough support can cause problems with your posture, neck, back, and shoulders.
    It is not uncommon for a bra that is too tight to discourage someone from engaging in physical activity.
    The fit of your bra can also impact how comfortable your clothes fit. The fit of your bra can make you feel confident or insecure, depending on how it fits.
    Find the perfect bra for you by adjusting your straps and learning about the various types.


    The balconette bra lets you imagine your breasts facing a gorgeous balcony. The bra has a short cup and a horizontal top. It also has straps that are more spaced apart than most bras.
    Coverage: To hide your bra underneath low necklines, the balconette leaves your breasts exposed.
    Support: While the underwire and straps will give you some support, the balconette does not offer as much support as larger cups.
    Ideal for: Breasts with a smaller, round shape that can fill the balconette's small cups without spilling.


    A bandeau is simply a tiny tube-shaped top. It can be worn over your head without any straps, cups, or hooks. It will give you a relaxed, casual look.
  • Coverage: A bandeau, which is similar to a tube top, completely covers your breasts. The fabric typically ends just below the shoulders.
  • Support: This bra is very lightweight and provides little support. However, it can keep your breasts in position if it is tight enough.
  • Ideal for: If you have smaller breasts or want to be comfortable around the house, this is the right product for you.
  • Bralette

    Bralettes are fashionable and can be worn as outerwear. These bralettes often don't come with underwires, padding, cups, or cups. They are usually made in beautiful, lacy materials.
  • Coverage: Most bralettes will provide complete coverage.
  • Support: A bralette will not provide you with much support. Save it for those occasions when you are more comfortable without.
  • Ideal for: Smaller busts who can move without much support.
  • Built-in

    A built-in bra is exactly what its name implies: a bra that incorporates breast support into clothing. You will find it in a camisole tank.
  • Coverage: The exact amount of coverage you can expect from a tank-top is possible, which means that your breasts and neck are covered.
  • Support: Bras that are built-in don't offer a lot of support. You'll receive slightly more support when you go braless.
  • Ideal for: This bra is ideal for smaller breast sizes and more narrow breast shapes. Built-in bras might be too big for larger breasts.
  • Demi

    Demi bras have a low cut, with cups that reach approximately halfway up your bust. This bra can be worn with a V-neck top or without showing the cup.
  • Coverage: Only the underside and bottom of your breasts will be covered by a demi bra.
  • Support: Demi bras can provide excellent support if adequately sized, wired, and have the proper straps.
  • Ideal for: For breasts that are small and strong, this bra is ideal. They won't spill over the bra's low sides. Also, demi bras can raise long, sagging arms that might otherwise look flat beneath a V-neck.
  • Halter

    This bra can be worn with halter tops. The strap wraps around your neck and provides support for the halter top.
  • Coverage: Although coverage can vary depending on the bra, halter bras may show some cleavage.
  • Support: A halter bra provides more support than a strapless bra. This bra is not ideal for daily support.
  • Ideal for: A halter bra is suitable for all shapes and sizes. However, it may not be the best choice for smaller breasts that can only handle one strap.
  • Maternity

    Even if you have the perfect bra type, expecting a baby can make your expectations wildly out of control. Maternity bras are made with support in mind and flexibility in the back.
  • Coverage: Most of the maternity bras offer full coverage.
  • Support: Maternity Bras are made to provide maximum support. Most bras are adjustable and have extra band hooks. They also come with a flexible material that can support you during size changes.
  • Ideal for: It doesn't matter what size or shape of your breasts, pregnancy can cause soreness and growth. A maternity bra is the best choice.
  • Non-padded

    A non-padded bra refers to any style of bra that does not have padding.
  • Coverage: There are many styles of non-padded bras. It all depends on which type you choose.
  • Support: How supportive you feel from a bra that isn't padded will depend on what style it is.
  • Ideal for: A non-padded bra is suitable for everyone. You may prefer non-padded bras for larger breasts.
  • Nursing

    Although nursing bras don't look the same as maternity ones, some bras can be both.
    Maternity bras are for use during pregnancy. Nursing bras have removable flaps to allow for easy breastfeeding.
  • Coverage: Most nursing bras have full coverage up to the point that you breastfeed.
  • Support: Similar to maternity bras. Nursing bras are made to support breasts that are full and changing entirely.
  • Ideal for: Nursing bras are best for all breastfeeding mothers who can benefit from a nursing bra regardless of size. It's all about what makes you feel the most comfortable.
  • Push-up

    A push-up bra is an excellent option if you want your bras to make you feel confident and attractive. The push-up bra lifts your breasts and brings them closer together, enhancing your curves.
  • Coverage: A push-up effect exposes your breasts’ inner, upper area. This can create cleavage in your look if you wear a low-cut top.
  • Support: Most push-up bras have underwires. They lift your breasts and support them.
  • Ideal for: Push-up bras can be used for any body type. This bra can increase the volume of small breasts or give a lift to low-hanging ones.
  • Padded

    A padded bra is made from a padded material added to the cups. It can make your breasts look more prominent and help keep your nipples hidden. You can find a variety of styles in padded bras.
  • Coverage: While padded bras can provide excellent coverage depending on the style, the amount depends on how the bra is made.
  • Support: Padded bras may provide excellent support depending upon the style.
  • Ideal for: It is suitable for all sizes and shapes. A padded bra can give fullness to a smaller chest and create an even profile to breasts with a wide range of sizes.
  • Stick-on

    You might be tempted to pass up the chance to wear your backless dress simply because you didn't have a bra. Stick-on bras are a good option. It attaches to your breasts to provide support without bra straps.
  • Coverage: Sticky bras usually cover the lower half of your breasts, allowing for plunging necklines or clothing that's open at the back.
  • Support: These bras can be notoriously unsupportive. It is worth looking around to find the right one for you.
  • Ideal for: Stick-on bras works best for small breasts and fashion purposes. However, larger breasts might need more support.
  • Sports

    A sports bra may be the best choice if you intend to exercise. It prevents your breasts and hips from moving while running, hiking, or doing yoga.
  • You should have full coverage. Try a different brand or size if you feel your bust is showing.
  • Support: Sports bras are all about supporting. The right fit will ensure that you feel supported.
  • Ideal for: If you have large breasts and tend to move, a sports bra can be a great choice.
  • Wireless

    There are many styles and colors available for wireless bras. A wireless bra is the best choice if you don't like dealing with underwires that can be irritating and dig into your skin.
  • Coverage: Wireless bras offer the same coverage as other bras, depending on their style.
  • Support: Although a bra with no wire will not provide the same support as a bra with a wire, you can still feel supported if it has the proper straps and bands.
  • Ideal for: For all breast sizes. Larger breasts may need support with an underwire.
  • T-shirt

    T-shirt bras are designed to be comfortable. They are seamless, making them an excellent choice for those who want a sleek look underneath a T-shirt.
  • Coverage: Tshirt bras come in various styles, so it is essential to consider the type.
  • Support: These bras can be soft and comfortable, so they don't prioritize support. However, with strong straps and a good underwire, a T-shirt bra could provide you with plenty of support.
  • Ideal for: A T-shirt bra is suitable for most shapes and sizes. They can provide additional support for bell-shaped breasts.
  • Underwire

    There are many styles of underwire bras. Some have an extra wire at the bottom to give you more support and lift.
  • Coverage: The style of an underwire bra will determine how much coverage it provides.
  • Support: If you are looking for optimal support, underwire bras could be the right choice.
  • Ideal for: Larger, fuller breasts. You might not need underwire support and find them uncomfortable.
  • Strapless

    For clothing that shows your shoulders, strapless bras are the best choice. They are similar to regular bras in that they wrap around your bust but don't have the support of shoulder straps.
  • Coverage: Although you can get full-coverage bras with strapless, some women feel more exposed when they have their shoulders bare.
  • Support: The absence of straps provides extra security and makes it less supportive.
  • Ideal for: Anybody can wear a bra without straps if they fit well. You might not like the feeling of a bra that doesn't have straps if you have large breasts or need support.
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