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Cat Pregnancy Calculator: A Guide to Understanding Your Feline Friend's Pregnancy

Cat Pregnancy Calculator: A Guide to Understanding Your Feline Friend's Pregnancy

As a cat owner, you probably have many questions regarding your feline friend's pregnancy and the impending birth of their babies. To prepare for the arrival of your furry little bundles of joy, it is recommended that you use a cat pregnancy calculator.
Find out if you can feel kittens in a pregnant cat, how to tell how far along she is, how many days a cat is pregnant, and how to tell the exact due date of your cat in this comprehensive guide. Some of the most common concerns people have concerning pregnant cats will also be covered.

What Is My Cat Expected Due Date?

The following formula can be used to determine when your cat is expected to give birth: Expected date of birth for a female cat is the mating date plus 63 days. In a healthy pregnancy, your cat can give birth anywhere from 58 to 71 days after mating.
You can ask your vet for advice or experiment with different methods to determine when your cat mated if you need clarification about the expected due date (more on that below).

In-Depth Instructions for Using the Cat Prenatal Calculator

The pregnancy calculator for cats is easy to use. You can simply use this calculator to determine your due date by entering your cat's predicted mating day.

Cat Pregnancy Days: How Long Does It Take to Have a Kitten?

Cats usually have a 63-day gestation period, although it can be anything from 58-71 days. You can use the above formula to determine when your cat is due if you know the date it mated.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

A pregnant cat's progress can be tracked in several different ways. A veterinarian can evaluate your cat's health and give you an idea of when to expect the birth. Alternative approaches include:
  • By observing your cat's nipples, you can tell if she is pregnant within the first 15–18 days of her pregnancy when they swell and develop a dark red or purple hue.
  • You can tell your cat is pregnant by keeping an eye on her weight gain, precisely the size of her tummy (4.4 lb).
  • Any time a female cat goes more than two weeks without going into heat is considered a missed heat. If you know your cat well enough, you can estimate its pregnancy by the number of heats it has missed.
  • Can Kittens Be Felt in a Pregnant Cat?

    Despite the temptation, it's best to refrain from touching your cat's belly because doing so could endanger both the mother and the kittens.
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