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What is Grams to Tablespoons calculator?
What are grams?
What are tablespoons?
How many grams tablespoon holds?
Why are tablespoons used in cooking?
History of spoons
When you are reading a cooking book, you might find the cooking unit in the form of grams (g). Sometimes, this is not ideal, since you might not have right measurement tools to use.
When it comes to measuring ingredients, there's no task that's more exciting and entertaining than this.

What is Grams to Tablespoons calculator?

Grams to tablespoons calculator fixes your measurement problem, and easily converts grams to tablespoons.

What are grams?

A gram is the unit of mass and weight in the metric system. The gram is the most widely used unit of measure for non-liquid ingredients in cooking.
The word "gram" comes from the Late Latin "gramma", which means a small weight.
Learn more about grams

What are tablespoons?

A tablespoon is a kitchen utensil that is used for eating food. Tablespoons are also commonly used to measure cooking compounds. Also a serving spoon is often called as a tablespoon.

How many grams tablespoon holds?

With so many different units of measurement used in different countries, it can be a bit confusing to prepare different recipes. The capacity of the utensil is not defined by law or custom, and therefore it sometimes vary a bit.
Here are most commonly used tablespoon measurements in grams:
1 Tablespoon Metric = 15g
1 Tablespoon US = 14.8g
1 Tablespoon UK = 14.2g

Why are tablespoons used in cooking?

Many recipes were created long before the metric system came into common use. Therefore precice measurements are not used in everywhere.
Tablespoons are also used in cooking for their simplicity. Everybody don't necessarily have scale in their home. But everybody have a tablespoon.

History of spoons

A Spoon is a type of cutlery that is usually used for transferring food. It has a shallow bowl and is usually made of wood or metal.
The first known use of a spoon was around 1000 B.C. During this time, Egyptians produced and sold these elegant and religious utensils.
In other parts of the world, spoons were made from bone. During the ancient Greeks and Romans, spoons were made from bronze and silver. This continued until the Middle Ages, when spoons would be made out of cow horns, brass, and wood.
Early mentions of the spoons in England can be traced back to 1259, when King Edward I’s wardrobe was mentioned. During this period, spoons were also used as eating utensils.
In today’s fast-paced food industry, there are spoons for almost every type of serving need. From serving hot and cold food to measuring and preparing sauces, spoons have become an integral part of the kitchen
History of spoons
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