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Coffee To Water -ratio Calculator

This calculator can help you determine the perfect coffee-to water ratio for your cup of coffee.

Coffee to Water Ratio calculator

Ratio (Coffee : Water)
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Water ratios Explained
Aeropress coffee to water ratio (1:16)
French press coffee to water ratio (1:12)
V60 coffee to water ratio (3:50)
Chemex coffee to water ratio (1:17)
Moka pot coffee to water ratio (1:10)
Cold brew coffee to water ratio (9:40)
Siphon coffee to water ratio (3:50)
Espresso coffee to water ratio (1:2)
How much caffeine is too much?
How can you tell if you have taken more caffeine than your body can handle?
Does "decaffeinated" refer to a cup of coffee or tea that does not contain caffeine?
How can you determine how much caffeine is in a beverage or food?

Water ratios Explained

Many factors affect the ratio of ground coffee and water. These include brew methods, personal preference, and brewing methods. These ratios are based on both consensus and official sources.
There is no one right way, but you can enjoy your coffee without consuming too much!

Aeropress coffee to water ratio (1:16)

The original recipe for Aeropress by Alan Adler, inventor of the Aeropress, gives the ratio of 1:16. This brew ratio produces a concentrated coffee, similar to an espresso. You can add hot water and milk to your preference.

French press coffee to water ratio (1:12)

This is a recipe that we adapted from a french press with a capacity of 17 oz (500g).

V60 coffee to water ratio (3:50)

Hario, the maker of the v60, recommends a ratio of 3:50. For one full mug, you will need to have between 15 and 250g of coffee.

Chemex coffee to water ratio (1:17)

Chemex suggests that you "put one tablespoon of coffee per five oz cup in the filter cone." This ratio is approximately 1:10, but most people think it's too strong. A lot of successful baristas used a ratio of 1:13 to 1:17.

Moka pot coffee to water ratio (1:10)

The Bialetti Jr Moka Pot has a 200ml water volume. We calculated the 1:10 ratio. This makes about two cups of delicious coffee.

Cold brew coffee to water ratio (9:40)

There are many methods to cold brew coffee. This recipe uses the Filtron, which is a reliable way to make a smooth cold-brew coffee. You can then dilute the concentrate to your liking.

Siphon coffee to water ratio (3:50)

recommends 15-17g coffee for every 250 grams of water from Hario, a leading producer of siphon coffeemakers.

Espresso coffee to water ratio (1:2)

The most popular ratio of espresso in cafes is 1:2. The bitter 1:4 ratio of a ristretto is preferred over the milder 1:4 ratio of a lungo.

How much caffeine is too much?

The FDA recommends that healthy adults consume 400 mg per day. This is equivalent to four to five cups of coffee. It is not associated with any dangerous or negative side effects. There are many factors that can affect how sensitive individuals are to caffeine and how quickly they break it down.
Some medications and certain conditions can make people more sensitive than others to the effects of caffeine. We recommend speaking to your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any other concerns about caffeine.
Although the FDA has not established a minimum level for children, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages children and adolescents from consuming stimulants such as caffeine.

How can you tell if you have taken more caffeine than your body can handle?

Caffeine intake can lead to:
  • insomnia
  • jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Fast heart rate
  • Symptoms of upset stomach
  • nausea
  • Kopfschmerz
  • Dysphoria is a feeling of sadness or unhappiness.
  • Does "decaffeinated" refer to a cup of coffee or tea that does not contain caffeine?

    No. Decaf coffees or teas may contain less caffeine than their regular counterparts but still contain some caffeine. Decaf coffee has typically is between 2-15 mg per 8-ounce glass. These beverages may be harmful if you are sensitive to caffeine.

    How can you determine how much caffeine is in a beverage or food?

    Many packaged foods, including drinks and dietary supplements, include information on the labels about how much caffeine they contain. If the caffeine content is not listed on the label, consumers should be cautious when they consume a new packaged food that contains caffeine.
    Many online databases provide estimates of the caffeine content of various foods and beverages, such as tea and coffee. The amount of caffeine in these brewed beverages will vary depending on many factors, including where and how the tea leaves and coffee beans were grown.
    A 12-ounce caffeinated soft drink can typically contain 30-40 mg of caffeine. An 8-ounce cup of green or black tea contains between 30-50 mg, and an 8-ounce coffee cup has 80-100 milligrams. Energy drinks contain between 40 and 250 mg of caffeine per eight fluid ounces.
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