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This calculator will let you know how much material you'll need to complete your desired earthworks.

Gravel Calculator

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Types of gravel
How much does a yard of gravel cost?
This gravel calculator is useful for anyone who plans to lay a landscaping gravel path or just to improve the appearance of their yard with pea gravel elements. It will give you an estimate of the material needed to complete your desired earthworks. We'll also cover the different types and benefits of gravel so you can make the right choice. You can read on to find out how to use our calculator for the answer to your question about how much gravel you will need. Don't spend too much and end up with tons of material you won't need.

Types of gravel

On the basis of:
  • Size - There are many sizes of gravel. There are some that have rock fragments measuring 4 inches (about 10cm) in diameter. Others can be as small as your fingernails. Of course, different sites serve different purposes. In general, we want our gravel path to be made up of two or three different sizes. Next, we can lay machine-crushed, larger gravel that will act as a foundation for the higher, more aesthetic layers. You can also add dirt or sand to the base layer of gravel. Higher levels may require gravel of a smaller dimension that can fit between the stones in the foundation layer.
  • Shape - We'll talk about the shape of our gravel path in terms of its topmost layer. You can choose pea gravel made up of natural-weathered, smooth stones. Pea gravel will be comfortable for children's feet (due to its smoothness), but it will also appeal to neighbors and you. There are downsides to pea gravel. Pea gravel can move under pressure, leaving footprints and trails behind your vehicle. It is necessary to regularly rake, refill and replace gravel on a pea gravel pathway. An alternative option is to use angular gravel. While it is less comfortable to walk on (and could even cause injury if someone falls), it is still very easy to use. It is more stable and holds together. This is due to rocks locking together. Decomposed granite, quartzite, and lava rocks are examples of angular forms of gravel.
  • Color - Landscape gravel must match your personal tastes and the surrounding environment. It will dry quicker if it is darker in color. Pay attention! You might also get burned feet if you use it on a sunny afternoon. You should choose gray or light brown gravel if you want your path natural. Jersey Shore gravel is a great choice with its yellowish, almost golden color. If you're looking to make your yard stand out in its neighborhood, marble chips might be the best choice.
  • How much does a yard of gravel cost?

    Simply multiply the material's volume by the density to calculate it. You don't need to know the density of gravel. The calculator calculates this value automatically. If you use an unusual aggregate, you can adjust the density to suit your needs. This function is available in the Advanced mode.
    Once you know the aggregate weight, you will be able to use our gravel calculator and find out how much it costs. The gravel estimator will calculate this value by simply entering the price per ton or per cubic meter. Add some material to your project to accommodate small modifications or for loss.
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