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Solar Panel Calculator

The solar panel calculator could be the right tool for you, whether you are looking to save money or help the planet.

Solar Panel Calculator

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Why is solar panel use for home a viable option?
How can I calculate the required solar panels for camping?
How many solar panels do you need to charge a Tesla with?
You can save money and help the environment by using the solar panel calculator. It will help you calculate the right size solar panel to fit your house, depending on how much you want to offset from your electric bills.
If you're prepared to make this investment, it might be worthwhile to compare the cost of solar savings with that of going solar.

Why is solar panel use for home a viable option?

Renewable Energy has many benefits that affect many areas of our daily lives. Many countries are shifting to wind turbines or hydroelectric energy depending on their natural environment. Why should you keep up with the trends? Let's see:
  • The indirect benefits of switching to solar panels are health. Solar panels are more popular than traditional power plants, so you'll need fewer of them in your country. These plants can be either coal or natural gas, which will increase your air quality. Neil Armstrong once said that "One small thing for man, one great leap for mankind."
  • Stable fuel prices. The majority of solar savings are due to the fact that it is free. Are oil prices skyrocketing? It's all your business if your own solar panels produce power (and it's not too dark). This also applies to the Tesla Charging Cost if one is available.
  • For home use, solar panels can offer reliability. It is rare for solar panels to break and they can be a great way to save power in an area without electricity. You might consider purchasing a battery to store energy for when the weather is not favorable.
  • How can I calculate the required solar panels for camping?

    To determine your solar panel needs for camping:
  • Calculate the consumption of every appliance you plan to use. Add the power consumption to the number of hours each item will be used.
  • You can find the sun hours at the location you are visiting.
  • Multiplying the solar panel kilowatts with the number of solar hours and environmental factors will give you the output.
  • You're fine if the output exceeds or equals Otherwise, you will need a bigger panel.
  • How many solar panels do you need to charge a Tesla with?

    Let's say you have a Tesla Model S with 100 kWh of battery capacity. If you used 50% of your battery capacity each day, then it would require a solar array of approximately 14.99 kW. This is equivalent to 13 solar panels to completely offset the costs. This assumes 4 hours of solar per day, which is the average annual US usage, and 300 W panels.
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