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CBM Shipping calculator

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What is CBM?
How to Calculate CBM
How to Calculate Shipping Weight
Total weight vs. volumetric weight
Container types in the cubic-meter calculator
How to calculate CBM in a package with irregular shapes?
Why is CBM important for sea shipment?

What is CBM?

CBM (or in its full form cubic meter) is the freight volume for both domestic and international freight. CBM is the freight volume of the shipment. It is calculated by adding the length, width, and height together. Although this sounds complicated, it can be done quickly and easily with a calculator.

How to Calculate CBM

CBM is an abbreviation for cubic meters, which is a measure of volume equal to a cube with the length, width, and height of one meter.
You can calculate CBM by multiplying the length times the width times the height in meters. Of course, if you have multiple packages, cartons, or pallets, then you'll need to multiply the CBM by the quantity to get the total volume.
CBM = length [m] x width [m] x height [m] x carton quantity

How to Calculate Shipping Weight

You can calculate shipping weight by multiplying the carton weight by the total number of cartons.
total weight = weight x carton quantity

Total weight vs. volumetric weight

If you choose to input the weight of a single box, the CBM calculator for shipping will automatically return the following additional values: the total weight as well as the volumetric mass of your cargo. Which one is more important?
Total weight defines how much your cargo weighs. This value can be calculated by multiplying a single carton's weight with the consignment's total number.
Volumetric weight refers to an artificial measure that indicates how much space the shipped item takes up. Let's say you travel by plane and bring very light luggage. In this instance, the cost of the item will not be based on its weight.
Here's how to calculate volumetric weight for consignment:
volumetric weight (kg) = length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) * quantity / 5000
Many companies can choose between total or volumetric weights when estimating the shipping cost. It all depends on which weight is higher. This is called the Weight or Measurement Rule, or W/M rule.
FedEx as well as UPS follow this pricing procedure. The price for items of low densities is typically per kilogram of volumetric mass. The freight carrier, origin, and destination of the item may impact the rate.
Also known by dimensional weight, volumetric weight is a benefit to shippers of heavy, dense goods. It also makes it more expensive and difficult to ship large, lightweight packages.

Container types in the cubic-meter calculator

Our calculator can calculate the shipping limits for the following containers.
20' Standard Dry Storage Container: Capacity 1165 cu ft
40' Standard Dry Storage Container: Capacity 2350 cu ft
40' High Cube Dry Container: Capacity 2694 cu ft
45' High Cube Dry Container: Capacity 3043 cu ft
The containers are suitable for carrying a variety of cargo. They are typically made of aluminum or steel and have exactly the same width, height, and only differ in length. These containers are the most popular.
High cube dry containers about one foot taller can be used for larger but lighter articles.
Both of these containers are multi-modal. These containers can be moved by any mode of transport, including truck, rail, barge, or train. These enable door-to-door transport solutions.

How to calculate CBM in a package with irregular shapes?

For standard, rectangular packages, it is very easy to get the right CBM measurement. You can also use our shipping container volume calculator to make it super simple.
But, if your package has irregular shapes, make sure it doesn't exceed the box's limit in any dimension. Imagine that you are shipping a very long but narrow parcel.
To solve this problem you need to identify the longest, broadest, and highest parts of your shipment. You need to determine the dimensions that the smallest cuboid can accommodate in your package.

Why is CBM important for sea shipment?

CBM calculator can be used to calculate sea freight. The majority of cargo shipping industry ideas are derived from maritime freight. However, they only entered rail or air transport later.
Maritime transportation is the best and most economical way to transport cargo. This type of transport has been largely made more efficient by containerization. Containers are now standard-sized since the mid-twentieth century.
Cargo containers enable automation. The goods can be automated. Once containers are shipped to a port they may be loaded on trains onto trucks so that they can be transported to various destinations.
The economic impact of standard shipping containers went beyond the cargo industry. They have transformed entire industries since the 1990s and are not being held back by expensive ocean-going cargo.
The modern economic system is connected in a way that each country can either be a source or a customer of global value chains. Cargo shipping rules help to level the playing fields and ensure the terms of exchange.
90% of international trade takes place by the sea, with shipping in 700 million containers. These containers are becoming more accessible with remote tracking and easy navigation with computerized logistics systems.

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