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Beer-Lambert Law Calculator

The Beer-Lambert law calculator will calculate the absorption or attenuation of light when passes through any material.

Beer-Lambert Law Calculator

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The Beer-Lambert Law
The Importance and Value of Concentration
What is Beer's law's unit of absorbance?
How can I calculate the concentration from absorbance according to Beer's law?

The Beer-Lambert Law

The Beer-Lambert Law, also known as Beer's Law, is a relationship between attenuation and properties of light through substances. This article will first explain the Beer-Lambert Law.
Beer-Lambert law is a way to relate the attenuation caused by light to the properties in the material it travels through. This page will briefly discuss the Beer-Lambert Law.

The Importance and Value of Concentration

The number of molecules that it interacts with will affect the percentage of light absorbed. Consider a highly colored organic dye. Because there are many molecules that interact with the light, a sufficiently concentrated solution will give it a high absorbance. But, it might be very difficult for the eye to discern that the solution is colorless. Because the absorbance will be low, it is likely to be very weak. Consider that you would like to compare this dye to a different chemical. You can't compare which dye absorbs the most light unless you account for its concentration.

What is Beer's law's unit of absorbance?

The unitless quantity of absorbance is. It is the ratio between the intensity of incident light and transmitted light. Therefore, it has no dimension and is not a unit. Sometimes, however, absorbance can be reported in absorbance units (AU).

How can I calculate the concentration from absorbance according to Beer's law?

The Beer-Lambert law is used often to determine the concentration of solutions. Follow these instructions to calculate the concentration of a Beer's solution.
  • Calculate the absorbance of light passing through the solution at a given wavelength.
  • Find the length that the light must travel.
  • Multiply The molar absorb coefficient is combined with the route length.
  • Divide absorbance with the value from step 3 to get the concentration.
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