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What is torque?
What is an example of torque?
How is torque measured?
How to convert Newton-meter to Foot-pound

What is torque?

According to the subject matter, torque is the rotational equivalent to linear force in mechanics and physics.
In physics, moment of a force, also known as torque, is a term that describes the force of torque. The torque specified in regard to the orientation of the rotation is equal to magnitude of the component force vector lying in a plane perpendicularly to the centre of the axis, multiplied by the distance between the centre of the component and the direction of the force component.

What is an example of torque?

Anyone who has ever attempted to open a door can sense the torque. To open a door, a person presses on the side of it that is farthest from the hinges, pushing the side. Pushing anywhere closer to the hinges require a great deal more force. While the hinges can be pushed with a lot of force, the final result is the exact same in both cases, with a slight difference. The larger force would be applied over an extended distance, but people tend to prefer to apply less force rather than the other scenario. This is why the handle is located where it is most often.

How is torque measured?

According to the SI (International System of Units), Newton-meter is the standard unit used for torque.
The Foot-pound, which is used in imperial units, is commonly used alongside the SI unit. It's confusing because, in common usage, the pound is used both as a unit to measure mass and force. Here, pound force is the force due gravity to a one-pound object.

How to convert Newton-meter to Foot-pound

This is how you can convert Newton-meter to Foot-pound:
1 Nm = 0.73756214927727 ft . lbs
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