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This is an online tool that will calculate any moving object's average speed.

Average Speed Calculator

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How do you calculate the average speed?
Average speed formula
Speed units
What is velocity?
What is the speed of light?
What is the speed of sound?

How do you calculate the average speed?

Average speed can be calculated by taking the distance covered and subtracting its time to travel the same distance.

Average speed formula

the average speed of any moving object can be calculated using the basic formula below:
𝑉 = ∆𝑠 / ∆𝑡 = 𝑠2 − 𝑠1 / 𝑡2 − 𝑡1
𝑉: Average speed
S.I. unit: m/s, alternative unit: km/h
∆𝑠: Distance traveled
S.I. unit: m, alternative unit: km
∆𝑡: Time
S.I. unit: s, alternative unit: h
s1,s2: Distance traveled by the body along the trajectory starting at the beginning of motion s1, and the movement began at the beginning s2.
S.I. unit: m, alternative unit: km
t1, t2: The time when the body is located at its initial point s1 The last point s2 respectively.
S.I. unit: s, alternative unit: h

Speed units

The unit of measurement for velocity in the International System (S.I.) is meter per second (m/s). However, the kilometer per hour (km/h) unit is also used in some cases. This is evident when we speak of a car's speed, which is always expressed in kilometers per hour.
km/h to m/s: multiply the speed value by 3,6
m/s to km/h: divide the speed value by 3,6

What is velocity?

Let's take the speed definition to describe velocity. Speed is the speed at which something moves. Speed is the speed of a vehicle, but velocity also includes direction. For example, a runner running at 9km/h talks about their speed. However, if they are running eastwards at 9km/h, their velocity has an obvious direction.

What is the speed of light?

Light travels at a speed of 299,792,458 m/s.

What is the speed of sound?

Sound travels at 343 m/s in dry air at 20° C.
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