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The kinetic energy calculator can be used to calculate the energy of motion. It uses the kinetic energy formula that applies to all objects in a horizontal or vertical motion.

Kinetic energy calculator

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Definition of Kinetic energy
What is kinetic energy?
Potential and kinetic energy
How do you calculate kinetic energy?

Definition of Kinetic energy

According to the encyclopedia, kinetic energy is defined as follows:
The energy an object possesses because of its motion is its kinetic energy. It refers to the work required to accelerate an object of given mass from its rest to its stated velocity. The body gains this energy during acceleration. Unless its speed changes, it retains its kinetic energy. The body does the same work in slowing down from its current speed to rest.

What is kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy refers to the energy of an object moving. It gives information about the influence of an object's mass on its velocity. Let's look at an example. Because of its mass, a diesel engine in a car is not capable of reaching the same speed that a lorry. The human punch force is another example of kinetic energy. This is where energy accumulates and then transfers through the punch. Our kinetic energy calculator will help you determine it.

Potential and kinetic energy

Potential energy is the object's gravitational pull relative to its distance from the ground. Potential energy is increased when an object rises in altitude.

How do you calculate kinetic energy?

To calculate the kinetic energy
  • Find the square of velocity of the object.
  • Multiply this square with the mass of your object.
  • The kinetic energy of an object is called the product.
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