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Solution Dilution Calculator

The solution dilution calculator calculates how to dilute a stock solution at a known concentration to get an arbitrary volume.

solution dilution calculator

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Table of contents

Calculating the dilution
Units for concentration
How to use the solution dilution calculator

Calculating the dilution

This calculator will calculate how to dilute a stock mixture. Imagine you have a concentrated solution containing hydrochloric acids. To determine how much, you can use this calculator.
The following formula will allow you to easily calculate this value:
m₁ * V₁ = m₂ * V₂
  • m₁  represents the concentration stock solution.
  • m₂ indicates the concentration of the diluted solution.
  • V₁ is the volume for the stock solution.
  • V₂ indicates the volume of diluted solution.
  • It is important to note that this equation does not match the proportion calculation.

    Units for concentration

    You already know that volume units are cubed units in length, such as cubic meters, cubic millimeters and so on. or liters. Just to remind you, 1 liter equals 1 cubic centimeter.
    The units of concentration are also important. You can use either molar concentration or mass concentration. Our solution dilution calculator uses mass concentration. We will show you how we can recalculate the units for mass concentration.
  • Molar content c indicates the quantity of substance in moles for a given volume. It's expressed in the unit "molar", which is symbol: M, where 1 M equals 1 mole/liter.
  • The mass concentration r indicates the amount in grams of substance within a volume of a substance. It is expressed in grams per liter.
  • You can multiply the molar content of your solution by the molar mass of the substance (expressed as kg/mol).
    ρ = c * M

    How to use the solution dilution calculator

  • Calculate the concentration of your stock solution. Let's suppose it is equal to 1 mole per liter or 1 million.
  • Choose the final volume you wish to achieve the solution. Let's suppose you need 0.5 liters.
  • The concentration of the solution should be determined. Let's suppose that you want it equal to 20mM.
  • Add all of this information to the dilution formula:
  • You can also use this calculator to calculate any other value. Simply enter the three remaining numbers into the appropriate boxes.
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