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This is a virtual dice roller that can mimic any number of faces and generate random numbers simulating a dice roll based on the number of faces and dice

Virtual Dice Roller

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Dice shapes
How random is a die?
How do you check the randomness of your dice?
The most common physical die has 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 faces, respectively. However, the majority of dice are 6-faced. You can have as many faces or as few dice as you want. The virtual dice roll can generate random numbers to simulate a dice roll.
A dice, a small, throwable item with multiple faces (most often six), can be used to indicate a number (or some other thing) and is used to generate random events and numbers. They are often used for tabletop gaming, which includes a variety of games, and also for gambling. Yahtzee, Boggle, backgammon, and Boggle are just a few examples of tabletop games that include the use of dice. Monopoly and Risk, Dungeons and Dragons, and Settlers of Catan all make tabletop gaming a common pastime. There are many other options.

Dice shapes

The image shows the most widely used dice shapes. They are also listed below.
  • A tetrahedron has four faces - The blue die
  • Cube: 6 Faces - The orange, cubic die
  • Octahedron has 8 faces – The green die
  • Pentagonal trapezohedron 10 faces - non-cubic, orange die
  • Dodecahedron 12 faces – the yellow die
  • Icosahedron has 20 faces – the purple die
  • The image only shows the most popular shapes of dice. However, there are many other polyhedral dies or dice with other shapes. Non-numeric dice can also be found, those that don't conform to a counting order that begins at 1, and spherical ones.

    How random is a die?

    According to probability, each die should have an equal chance of landing on its face. Mass-produced dice can't be considered random. This is because they are difficult to mass-produce uniformly symmetrical dice. Each dice, especially the d20 (20 sided polyhedral die) and d8 (8 sided polyhedral die) are sometimes unbalanced. It is more likely that certain numbers will be rolled.

    How do you check the randomness of your dice?

    Even though it may not be the best way of testing how random your dice are this is one quick test that you can do with a container and some water.
  • You need a container large enough to accommodate the test die.
  • You should fill the container with water. Then add salt to the water.
  • Use the die to determine which side is facing up. Repeat the process several times and keep track of the results.
  • You can expect many numbers for well-balanced dice. If the dice are not balanced, it will be more common to notice certain numbers occur more often. The user won't notice a significant change unless it is tested many times or is extremely unbalanced.
    There are many dice companies. Therefore, more rigorous tests were performed on dice from different companies. This was done to find out how random (mostly D20) the dice are. These tests confirmed that even dice manufactured by the same company under different conditions can be significantly different from one another and therefore are not random. Some dice were more random than others, but they weren't truly random.
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    Published: Mon Apr 11 2022
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