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This test grade calculator is an essential tool for setting a scale of grading.

Test Grade Calculator

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How to calculate test score
How to use the Test grade calculator?
This calculator can be used to set a grading system. Also known as Test score calculator or Teacher grader. This tool quickly calculates the percentage and grade on the basis of how many points you have and whether or not you answered correctly. You can also modify the default grading scale or create your own. Do you still have questions about how to calculate test scores? Scroll down for more information, or just play around with this grading calculator.

How to calculate test score

Divide the earned points by the maximum possible points to calculate the percentile test score. To put it another way, you are simply finding what percentage is good answers.
percentage score = #correct / #total
#correct + #wrong = #total
We can also write this equation as:
percentage score = (#total - #wrong) / #total
Next, convert the percentage score into a letter grade. You can see the default grading scale in the table below.
Letter Grade| Percentile
A+| 97-100
A| 93-96
A-| 90-92
B+| 87-89
B| 83-86
B-| 80-82
C+| 77-79
C| 73-76
C-| 70-72
D+| 67-69
D| 63-66
D-| 60-62
F| Below 60
If you don’t like the +/– grades, this scale might be for you:
An A can be 90% up to 100%
A B can be between 80%-89%
A C can be 70% to 79%
A D can be between 60% and 69%
The F score is 59% and lower - but it's still not a passing level
Here is the US university and school grading system. The grading system used by US schools and universities may differ from one school to another, depending on the teacher, class, or teacher. Make sure you know which system is being used in your case.

How to use the Test grade calculator?

Our test score calculator works intuitively and is easy to use!
Enter the number of questions/points/problems in the student's work (test, quiz, exam - anything). Assume that the test has 18 questions.
Input the number that was incorrect. Alternatively, you can enter the number of earned points. Let's say that our exceptional student fails to answer all three questions.
Here we are! The teacher grader tool will show the percentage of the score and the grade. Here's an example: A student scored 83.33%, which corresponds roughly to a grade B.
contains a complete grading table. This table will give you an easy way to determine the score of the next students.

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Published: Thu Jul 14 2022
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