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You can quickly determine what time it is in military times with our military time converter, also known as an Army Time Converter.

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What is military time?
How can I tell the difference between military and civilian time? How can I tell hours from minutes?
Military time is between noon and midnight
What time is military time? Our army time converter is available!

What is military time?

Military time can be described as a way to express time by using 24 hours rather that 12 hours. It's which is a synonym for the 24-hour clock. It is commonly used to avoid confusion with A.M. It's:
is the time since midnight (00 to 23)
mm The number of full minutes that have passed since the end of the last hour (00-59)
The common separator used in everyday situations is a colon. This is because computers display the time in the 24-hour format in most countries. In military applications, however, the separator cannot be used.

How can I tell the difference between military and civilian time? How can I tell hours from minutes?

So, how do I say military time? It's not complicated and you can remember some rules to make it even easier.
Leading zeros need to be pronounced (read "0-8-35" as "zero 8 thirty-five"
For a military time, the number "Hundreds" is used. Not "thousands" (read 1000 to mean "ten hundred", and not "one thousand").
You might find letters after military hours - these are military time zones. For example, J (local time) is given, while Z (Zulu) is GMT/UTC.
It is possible to have different ways of reading minutes. You read minutes usually as a whole number (e.g. 0017 as zero zero seventeen), but sometimes you separate each digit (0017 zero zero one seven)
If you have doubts, enter the values into our online tool. We will then show how to tell the military time!

Military time is between noon and midnight

It is possible to confuse noon and night, not just in military time, but also on the standard 12-hour clock.
Midnight in military times can be expressed as 0000 or 2400. However, 0000 is preferred because it generally applies to the new day. Digital clocks and watches use 0000. Sometimes, both versions are acceptable. For example, 0000 can be used to mark midnight in military time if it is the start or end of an activity or day, while 2400 may be used for activities and days ending. You can take this example:
Shop hours and work shifts. For example, from 16:00 to 24:00, but between 00:00 and 08:00.
Timetables for trains and flights. Trains that arrive in the last minutes of a day reach the station at 2:45, while those departing in the first minute leave the station at 00:00.
So e.g. Monday 24:00 refers to the same Tuesday 00:00.
Because there's no confusion, Noon in military time is more simple. It's always 12:01 (14:00). This is a better system than the 12-hour one, which has the Latin abbreviations from Latin: P.M. from Post meridiem (after 12 noon) and A.M. from Ante meridiem (12:30). The simplest way to express your thoughts is to say noon (or 00h00.m.). / 12h00.m ( meridian ) This expression isn't used that often anymore. In convention, noon means 12.00 p.m.

What time is military time? Our army time converter is available!

You can quickly convert military times with our military time converter. Let's examine two real-life issues.
When is 1700 considered military time?
First, select the conversion type. This is where we want to convert military to standard time. There are no other options.
Enter military time into the appropriate box - 1700 in our example.
The result will appear below in regular time (12-hour format) at 5:00 PM. The calculator also shows you how to read the military hours ( seventeen thousand (hours),).
When is 10 p.m. on military time?
You need to change this conversion type into the military option.
You can choose the time format, which is a 12-hour period a.m./p.m. is the default.
Please enter the time. You can also change a.m. and p.m. as needed.
The calculator deals specifically with the problem of flying colors, showing that 10 pm is an appropriate time.
22:00 in the 24-hour format
2200 at military time
Twenty-two thousand (hours)

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