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This online name picker allows you to choose a random name from any list or draw multiple names randomly from the list. It can be used for raffles, team selection, random prize distribution, and many other purposes.

Random Name picker

Randomly picked names:

The random name picker

To generate a single random, first, give the tool a list of names. Each row should contain one name. This tool is easy to use: Copy/paste from an Excel spreadsheet. The random name selector can handle over 10,000 names. Next, press the "Pick Random Number" button. The randomizer will then do its job. It works by rolling a number of dice, each with a different probability of being selected.

How to draw multiple random name combinations

You will start by selecting one random name out of a list. However, you can change the default value of "Number Of Names to Pick" from 1 to any number you choose from the provided list. 1000 names are the maximum that the name-picker can select for you in one shot.
Do not forget to select all names (Cltr+A) on a computer and copy and paste them as many times as you want.

Is it truly random?

The software name picker assigns integer IDs to each entry, then uses a robust number generator in order to produce a range of numbers from the minimum to the maximum. The RNG algorithm, which is cryptographically protected, produces an unbiased choice and can be used as an alternative to a coin or dice (which might be biased due to imperfect construction).
The random selection algorithm has been statistically evaluated through simulations. This allows you to be sure that it is giving every name an equal chance to be selected on any particular draw.

Applications to a random picker of names

There are many situations in which a name generator is helpful. Here's a short list of common situations.

Random selection of prize winner

If you are a charitable raffle or lottery organizer, you can feed the names to the random name picker. One or more winners will be drawn this way. Everyone will have equal odds of winning thanks to the randomizer.

Picking a random team

Another common scenario involves the random distribution of many players across multiple sports teams. A random team generator is a great tool, but it's not the best. If there are only two teams, the picker will work. Simply enter all the names, such as 22 for soccer or football, and tell it to choose 11 names. These 11 players will make up one team while the remaining members will make up their rivals.

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Published: Wed Jul 20 2022
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