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Commission Calculator


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How to calculate commission
What is a typical commission?
How can I calculate a commission of 1%?
How can you earn commission?
How can you calculate a commission of 2%?

How to calculate commission

This calculation is very simple and focuses on percents. Simply multiply the sale price by the commission percentage and divide it by 100. A blue widget is purchased for $70. The salesperson works for a commission. He/she receives 14% from every transaction. This amounts to $9.80.
So the formula is: 
commission amount = sales price * commission percentage / 100
Now you are familiar with how to calculate commission. This figure is now your problem. Usually, the selling party (the person who hired the salesperson to do the job) will pay the cost. To calculate their revenue, we need to calculate the percentage decrease: 
real revenue = sale price - sale price * commission percentage / 100.
In this example it’s:
$70 - $70 * 14 / 100 = $70 - $9.80 = $61.20
Although it is not common, sometimes the buyer pays the salesperson's remuneration. In those cases we need the percentage increase formula: 
price with commission = best price + base price * commission percentage / 100
In this example it’s:
$70 + $70 * 14 / 100 = $70 + $9.80 = $79.80

What is a typical commission?

The type of product being sold will determine the commission. The commission rate for manufactured goods is usually between 7-15% from the sale value. The commission for services is usually much higher at 20 to 50% . This is because overheads are generally lower. For commission-based jobs, the average income is $66,805.

How can I calculate a commission of 1%?

To calculate a 1% Commission, find 1% from the sale price.
Divide the sales price by 100.
Alternativly, you can move the decimal place of the sale price two positions to the left .
The 1% commission is either of these values.

How can you earn commission?

These steps will help you calculate a commission for a transaction:
Enter the price for the product or service.
Divide it by 100.
Multiply this number by the Commission to get a percent.
Your commission is the product.

How can you calculate a commission of 2%?

The 2% commission represents 2% of the total sale price
Alternativly, can move the decimal position of sale price two positions to the left.
Double the result
Enjoy your 2% commission!

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Published: Fri May 27 2022
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