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Discount calculator
How to calculate discounts
Types of price discounts
The advantage of offering discounts

Discount calculator

This discount calculator can help you determine the lower price for a product and how much you will save. It can be used in the opposite direction and calculated the discount or original price. Shoppers can use this tool to determine the cost of a product and help negotiate its price. Got a coupon that you want to use? Calculate the price after applying the coupon, taking your 15% discount into account. These are just two examples of situations the calculator can help you with. If you are a salesperson involved in these transactions, you may want to determine your sale price by using this calculator.

How to calculate discounts

You can use the simple formula below for calculating discounts:
discounted price = original price - (original price * discount / 100)

Types of price discounts

Quantity Discounts: You can get a discount based on the number of units purchased.
Trade Discounts: Discounts offered by distributors to suppliers. This type of discount allows the distributors to have variations on different items so that they can sell all the items.
Promotional Discounts: This is one of the most common discounts types that retail stores use. You have come in contact with this under the name of "buy one get one free" or just a simple "15% off".
Seasonal Discounts: This type of discount is one one the smartest discounts for businesses as it allows them to free up inventory. An example of this is selling discounted cooling fans during winter.
Cash Discounts: A cash discount can be a reward for payment of an account or invoice within a given time. So, customers will be rewarded if they pay all their invoices by the end of a specific period of time.
Geographical Discounts: Geographical discounts refer to price differentials that are based on the buyers' (or market's) geographic location.

The advantage of offering discounts

Although it might appear that businesses lose money due to huge discounts or sales, this is not the case. The contrary is true. Discounts are good for the store in many different ways.
Increase sales
Free up inventory space
Meet sales goals in a shorter period of time
Attract new customers
Encourage previous customers to shop again

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