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You can use the Investment Calculator to calculate a particular parameter for your investment plan. The tabs indicate the parameter to be calculated. To calculate the return rate required to reach a certain investment goal using particular inputs click on the Return Rate tab.

Investment Calculator

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What is Investing?
Variables involved
Real Estate

What is Investing?

Investing is when you allocate resources, often money, in the hope of earning income or profit. You can invest money in ventures like starting a company or purchasing property in the hopes of reselling later at a better price.

Variables involved

The four key elements of any typical financial investment are:
  • Return rates: This is the number that matters most to many investors. While it looks like a simple percentage, this number is the real deal and can be used to evaluate the appeal of different financial investments.
  • Start amount: This is often referred to as the principal. It is the amount at the start of the investment. This amount can be used for an inheritance, a home or the purchase of gold.
  • End sum: The desired amount at end of investment's term.
  • Investment length: This is the length of an investment. The risk of the unforeseeable future is generally greater the longer the investment. The longer the investment period, generally speaking, the greater the compounding return and the greater your rewards.
  • Additional Contribution: Investments can be made without them. An investment that has additional contributions will yield a higher return over time and a higher value at the end.
  • Different Investment Types

    Our Investment Calculator allows you to use it for any investment opportunity. Below are some common investments. There are many more investment options than the ones listed.


    A certificate of deposit, also known as a CD, is one example of the type of investment that the calculator can work with. It is available at most bank branches. CDs are considered low-risk investments. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an American government agency, insures most U.S. banks. FDIC guarantees the CD until a certain amount. The CD pays an interest rate that is fixed for a specific time. It also gives investors an easy-to determine rate of return as well as the length of the investment. The rate of interest earned is generally higher the longer money is kept in CDs. You can also invest in savings accounts or money-market accounts which have low risk and pay low rates.


    Investments in bond securities are subject to risk. Higher risks require premiums to be covered. If you buy the bonds or debt of companies rated as high-risk (Moody's Fitch and Standard & Poor's), then you will get a fairly high rate of interest. But, there's always a chance that the companies could go out of business.
    You are much safer buying bonds from companies that have been rated low-risk by the above agencies. This also earns you a lower annual interest rate. Bonds can be purchased for the short-term or long-term.
    Investors who are short-term bond buyers want to buy bonds at low prices and then sell them as soon as they rise in price. This is preferable to keeping the bond until it matures. When interest rates rise, bonds prices tend to drop and to rise. There are short-term trading opportunities in different areas of bond markets.
    Holding bonds to maturity is a prudent way to invest in bond investments. When the bonds reach maturity, interest payments will be available twice a calendar year and the owners will get the face price of the bond. A long-term bond-buying plan does not require you to worry about the impact of interest rate changes on a bond’s price or market. The strategy should not be affected by changes in interest rates or market values unless the decision is made to sell.
    One special bond is the United States Treasury inflation protection securities or TIPS. TIPS can be used to reduce inflation risk. TIPS also offers a risk-free return, which is guaranteed by the U.S. government. Although they provide a high return, they are still a popular investment. TIPS are guaranteed not to rise as fast as inflation (as defined by the Consumer Price Index, CPI). This is their uniqueness and characterizes how they behave.


    Popular forms of investment include equity and stocks. Stocks are not fixed interest investments, but they are an important form of investment for institutional and private investors.
    A stock, or a percentage of ownership in a business, is a share. It allows a part-owner of a public corporation to share in its profits. Stockholders are entitled to receive funds in dividends, as long as their shares are held (and the company continues paying dividends). Stocks can be traded on stock exchanges. Many investors purchase stocks with the intention of purchasing them at a low price, then selling them at an even higher price. Many investors choose to invest in mutual funds or other types of stock funds that combine stocks. These funds are normally managed or managed by a finance manager. A "load" is a fee that allows the investor to work with a manager or firm. ETFs are another type of stock fund. These funds track an index or sector, commodity, and other assets. ETF funds are just like regular stock and can be traded on a stock market. An ETF may track any asset such as the S&P 500 or certain types of real property, commodities, bonds, or other assets.

    Real Estate

    Real estate is another popular option for investment. One popular investment is to buy apartments and houses. You have the option of renting them out or selling them. It is possible to buy land, and make it more attractive by investing in improvements. Real Estate Investment Trusts, which are companies or funds that finance income-producing realty, are not for everyone. Values are usually dependent on the appreciation. There are many reasons that real estate investments can appreciate. These include gentrification or an increase in the development of surrounding areas.


    Last but not less are commodities. These commodities include precious metals like silver and gold, as well as useful commodities like oil. Because gold is a finite resource, it is complicated to invest in. The price of it does not depend on industrial usage. It is common for investors, especially during financial uncertainty, to hold gold. Investors are more likely to purchase gold during times of crisis or war, which drives the price higher. However, silver investment is heavily influenced by the demand for it in photovoltaics, the automobile industry, and other practical uses. Oil is a popular investment. There is always a need for petrol, so oil is very in demand. Oil is traded in spot markets all over the world. These are public financial markets where commodities can be traded immediately for delivery. Prices fluctuate depending on global economic conditions. Futures exchanges are used to invest in commodities like gas. Chicago's CBOT in Chicago is the largest. Futures exchanges have options to trade quantities of gas or other commodities before delivery. Private investors may trade into futures and then out, but they must avoid the terminal delivery point.
    While the Investment Calculator can be used to calculate the various types of investments (among others), the real problem is in determining the value of each variable. It is possible, for instance, to use historical average returns rates or future forecasts as the "Return rate" variable in the investment calculation of a house. It's also possible to include all capital costs or just a portion of the cash flows associated with the purchase of a plant as inputs in "Additional contribution." Because of this difficulty, it is not possible to come up with precise calculations. Therefore, results should be taken very seriously.
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