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The Salary Calculator converts salary amounts into their equivalent values based upon payment frequency.

Salary Caluculator



The unadjusted results ignore the holidays and paid vacation days.

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Paycheck calculator
What is Salary?
What is the president's salary?
Minimum wage

Paycheck calculator

The paycheck calculator is a simple and easy to use tool that helps you calculate your pay based on your hourly and annual rate. The calculator is easy to use. Simply enter the number of hours you worked for a week, the rate of your hourly salary and click a button to receive an immediate calculation of your pay.

What is Salary?

A fixed, regular payment is usually paid monthly but often expressed as an annual sum by an employer to an employee. This includes professional workers or white-collar workers.

What is the president's salary?

The president of the United States (POTUS) can make up to $400,00 annually. This is considered their presidential salary.


A person's wage is the amount of money they receive for doing the work they do.
A payment of money usually for labor or services, usually on an hourly basis, daily or piecework basis. This term is often used in plural.
wages plural: The proportion of the national products that can be attributed to labor as a factor.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage is the lowest allowed wage under law or in accordance with a special agreement.
The minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25 per hour.
The minimum wage in Finland is 7€ - 8€ per hour.
The minimum wage in Germany is 9.50€ per hour.
The minimum wage in Canada is $14.00 per hour.
The minimum wage in China is 13.3 yuan per hour.
The minimum wage in Spain is 7.43€ per hour.
The minimum wage in the UK is £7.83 per hour.
The minimum wage in Australia is $20.33 per hour.
The minimum wage in Ireland is 7.07€ per hour.

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