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The moment-of-inertia calculator can be used to assist you if you are having trouble determining the second instant of area for any common shape (such as a round or a hexagon).

Moment of Inertia calculator

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The second moment of the Area
Moment of inertia formulas

The second moment of the Area

What is the area moment of inertia or the second moment? It is a property of any area that can be described as a geometrical feature. It indicates how the area is distributed on an arbitrary horizontal axis. The units of area moment-of-inertia are meters to a fourth power (m^4).
We can differentiate between the moment inertia at the horizontal x-axis (denoted Ix), as well as the moment inertia at the vertical y-axis. (denoted Iy). We generally assume that the "width of any shape" is the length of each side along the horizontal x-axis. The height, along the vertical y-axis, is the height.

Moment of inertia formulas

The integration of the second moment of an arbitrary shape is what you need to do in order to determine its area. These equations are valid for most shapes. These formulas are only valid if where the origin coordinate system is located coincides with the center of the area. These equations can be applied if both the x-axis & y-axis cross over the centroid of the shape.
Regular hexagon

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Published: Tue Jul 12 2022
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