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The cap rate, also known as the capitalization rate calculator is a tool that anyone who is interested in real property can use.

Cap Rate Calculator

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Table of contents

What is the definition of the cap rate?
What is the cap-rate formula?
Selling a property: Capitalization rate
How do you evaluate your property based on its capitalization rate
What does a change in net income have to do with the property's value?
What does a change to the cap rate have on the property's value? - The importance of interest rates
Housing booms and cap rates
How to calculate a cap rate for house purchase - What is a good rate?
Property evaluation techniques
Ratios for property evaluation
Capitalization rates are subject to limitations
What is a good rental property cap rate?
Is the cap rate applicable to mortgages?
Are cap rates rising with interest rates?
What does a 7.5 rate cap mean?

What is the definition of the cap rate?

Simply put, the rate of return for real estate investment property is what cap rate means. It is the percentage of your initial investment that you will receive each year.
Imagine that $100,000 is the price you paid for an apartment. The cap rate is 10%. This means that 10% of your initial investment will be returned each year. You can see that your net cash flow after ten years will equal zero. This means that you will start making money from the eleventh year.

What is the cap-rate formula?

It is easy to calculate the cap rate formula yourself by following the description. The cap rate is simply the ratio of net operating income (NOI), to property value.
cap rate = net operating income / property value
This ratio, in other words is a simple way to determine the relationship between a property's return and price.
Imagine you are an experienced real estate investor. You can add additional parameters to this case: the occupancy rate (that's, how long the property is unoccupied) and the operating costs (such as maintenance, insurance, and utilities).
Important to remember that operating expenses don't include mortgage payments, depreciation, or income taxes. Therefore, net income is the amount you make before paying any income tax and debt service.
The following formula can be used to calculate your net income:
net income = (100 - operating expenses) [%] * (100 - vacancy rate) [%] * gross income

Selling a property: Capitalization rate

What is the best time to calculate the cap rate? The following scenario could be created: You want to sell your property. It is not clear what price you should sell your property at. Your monthly operating income is only $2,800. This is equivalent to $33,600 per year.
Asking around for the cap rates is the best way to find out. This information is most likely to be provided by a commercial realtor. Let's assume that the average cap rate for your area is 9.7%.
You can calculate the market value by simply dividing the net income by your cap rate to determine the property's worth.
$33,600 / 9.7% = $33,600 / 0.097 = $346,392
This is your property's value. This is just a guideline. There may be other reasons to increase or decrease the selling price. This is a good place to start.

How do you evaluate your property based on its capitalization rate

A real-world example is the best way to see how capitalization rates can help property valuation. Let's suppose you are looking to sell your house and find out that investors are purchasing properties similar to yours at a 10% capitalization rate.
A 10 percent cap rate is a 10% profit on investment. For example, 1000 dollars can yield 100 dollars. This is a 10 percent return on investment. It's easy to see how it works:
Rate on return = $100 profit / $1000 investment = 10%
This can be seen in the context of property investment:
Cap rate = annual net income / value of the property
What is the worth of an investment if there is a $12,000 per year net income after you receive $1,000 monthly rent? (or if your house were to be rented out)
This number is probably already known. However, to view it with a mathematical expression we must modify the formula.
Value of the property = annual net income / cap rate
Value of the property = $12,000 / 0.1 = $120,000
This means your house is worth $120,000

What does a change in net income have to do with the property's value?

Now that you know more about property valuation by cap rate let's look at what happens if the local realty market changes.
Let's take an example: Imagine that Airbnb and the sharing economy are gaining popularity and that more people visit your area. You decide to make this a business opportunity and rent your rooms for shorter periods at a higher rent. Your total income for the year goes up from $12,000 - $15,000. In this scenario, what happens to the value of your property?
Value = $15,000 / 0.1
Your house's estimated value rises up to $150,000.
This is a simple example: The higher the demand, the more. What happens if the capitalization rate changes? You can also learn about such an issue in the section below.

What does a change to the cap rate have on the property's value? - The importance of interest rates

A change in interest rate is one of the most common external factors that can affect the business environment. Let's take, for example, increasing interest rates. Investors may find other investments, such as corporate bonds, that are directly tied to interest rates more appealing than property purchases. Investors don't want a 10% rate of return anymore. They need a cap rate of 12 percent for real estate investments.
Value = $12,000 / 0.12 = $100,000
As you can see, when interest rates increased, your home became less valuable. Why? Investors must pay less to get a higher rate of return on their investment.
Let's imagine the opposite: What happens when the interest rate goes down. The cap rate drops, and your house prices rise.
What is the bottom line? The capitalization rate can have an impact on the property's value, even if rental prices are not affected.

Housing booms and cap rates

The American dream of owning a home is a longstanding one. It is no surprise that the U.S. USD housing sector receives a significant portion of the GDP. This means that many people try to profit from rising house prices. The real estate market is bolstered by ordinary homebuyers, bankers, investors, and politicians. Since the early 2000s, when the purchase of a house was a popular investment option, the collective engagement in the US housing market became particularly resolute. The 2008 financial crisis was the result of an extended period of overzealous speculation in the real estate market.

How to calculate a cap rate for house purchase - What is a good rate?

To estimate the cost of your property, you will need to know the cap rates for the area in which you are looking to purchase the house. To get the best data, you can consult independent services, such as commercial brokers or appraisers. 
If you're looking to buy a house or apartment, there are likely many offers available. You can save time by quickly weeding out those that aren't worth your time.
It is worth noting that the historical caps rates were between 8-12 percent. This may be a useful guideline. You can use a 10% cap rate for basic screening. This is a good rule of thumb. All you need is a zero to increase the potential net income.
Although it is not the best way to make a decision, it can help you get a good idea of the potential offer and whether it is worth taking the time to read the details. If you see a flat that is for sale for 500,000 Dollars and knows that the rents in that area are approximately 1,000 dollars per month (or 12,000 dollars per year), you will know it is better to move it on (should be about $120,000).

Property evaluation techniques

There are three ways to value property, all of which rely on comparison.
1. Sales comparison techniques
The estimation is based upon similar properties that are on the market.
2. Methods for replacing lost or damaged items
This approach uses the following guideline: Estimate the costs of constructing a similar property, taking into consideration the land values and depreciation rates.
3. Income techniques
Income techniques are used to evaluate properties based on their income streams. This technique focuses on estimating the property's potential to generate economic benefits over its lifetime.

Ratios for property evaluation

Many financial ratios can help you make the right decision when buying or selling a property. The capitalization ratio is the most common, but there are other financial ratios that can also be helpful.
The capitalization rate is not the only important ratio. Here are the other four:
  • Cash ROI is the cash return on investment
  • The Total Return on Investment (Total ROI).
  • The debt service coverage ratio (DSCR).
  • Gross rent multiplier (GRM).
  • The ratios above take into account additional financial dimensions of property investments and are useful complements to the cap rate.

    Capitalization rates are subject to limitations

    While the capitalization rate is a useful tool in property evaluation, using it alone or incorrectly can cause serious problems in your decision-making. The cap rate does not account for debt payment, unlike other debt-related ratios. A cash-on-cash investment ratio is a good guideline, as mortgage loans are often used to finance house purchases.
    There are also cases where the cap rate is not applicable. The cap rate doesn't apply to short-term property investments. These types of investments don't generate rent.
    As demonstrated, the interest rates environment can have an impact on cap rates. This can be considered an external force, and not driven by real estate markets, but influenced by the Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy. The policy rate remained at the zero level for many years after the 2008 financial crisis. This led to other interest rates being pushed into unusually low ranges. Cap rates fell, which led to house price growth in New York City and San Francisco, providing a quick reference for property evaluation by correctly using cap rates. Assume you have a good understanding of the current interest rate environment as well as the direction of monetary policy. You can then determine the best cap rate to use.

    What is a good rental property cap rate?

    A good cap rate is between 4-12%. However, it depends on your tolerance for risk where you are most comfortable. Higher risk means a higher reward. Therefore, a higher cap rate is better than a lower one. However, a lower cap rate should be less than 4%.

    Is the cap rate applicable to mortgages?

    The Cap Rate does not include the mortgage. This allows you to accurately evaluate the return on your investment and help you find the best deal. You can calculate the levered yield by including your mortgage.

    Are cap rates rising with interest rates?

    Yes, interest rates rise with cap rates. This is because as you have more money to invest in government bonds, it becomes more appealing, and increases the risk of investing elsewhere.

    What does a 7.5 rate cap mean?

    A 7.5 caprate means that you could expect a 7.5% annual net income from your investment or property. A 7.5 cap rate means that if your property is worth $150,000, you can expect an $11,250 annual return.
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