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This home loan calculator is free and will allow you to calculate your Home Loan EMI quickly.

Home Loan EMI Calculator


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Calculator for EMIs for Home Loans
What is a Home Loan EMI?
How can EMI calculation be used to plan the home purchase?
How to use our Home Loan EMI Calculator
Home Loan Tips

Calculator for EMIs for Home Loans

Calculator for Home Loan EMI helps to calculate the loan installment i.e. EMI towards your mortgage loan. It's an easy-to-use calculator that can be used to help you plan your finances.

What is a Home Loan EMI?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installation. This payment includes principal repayment and interest payments on outstanding amounts of your home loan. The EMI will be lower if you have a longer loan term (30 years maximum).

How can EMI calculation be used to plan the home purchase?

Home Loan EMI Calculator helps you understand the amount to be paid towards the EMIs. It also allows you to make informed decisions about your monthly outflow towards the home loan. This allows you to calculate the amount of loan that can be accessed and it also assists in assessing your contribution requirements and the cost of the property. This is why it is important to know the EMI in order to calculate your eligibility for a loan. It will also help you plan your home buying journey.

How to use our Home Loan EMI Calculator

You just need to enter the following information to get your EMI.
The Loan Amount: Type the amount of your loan you are interested in.
The Loan Tenure (In Years). Enter the loan term that you would like to use for your housing loan. The eligibility of the loan is enhanced if you have a longer-term.
Interest Rate (% p.a. ): Input interest rates.

Home Loan Tips

It is crucial to find the right home, but it is equally important to finding the right loan. You will be committing to the home loan you choose for a long period of time. Make sure you review these tips before you make a decision.
Tip 1 - Start by saving enough for a down payment
Tip 2 - Check your credit score
Tip 3 - Make sure your financial documents are in order
Tip 4 - Use a loan calculator
Tip 5 - Compare Home Loan Offers
Tip 6 - Get pre-qualified
Tip 7 - Choose the right type of loan for you
Tip 8 - Respond promptly to your lender
Tip 9 - Keep your credit score high throughout the loan processing period
Tip 10 - Read the Loan Agreement Documents
Tip 11 - Increase Bridge Funding
Tip 12 - Learn about Foreclosure Norms
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Published: Mon May 16 2022
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