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CC to HP conversion calculator

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How to do CC to HP conversion?
What is the CC to HP formula in the calculator?
What is the HP to CC formula?
What CC means?
What HP means?
1000 CC to HP
Example of HP to CC conversion
How to convert Briggs & Stratton CC to HP?
Do the electric cars have cubic meters in their engine?
Is a higher CC always better?
How engine horsepower is measured?

How to do CC to HP conversion?

Conversion from cubic meters to horsepowers is a common thing for all of kinds of motorists.
To convert cubic centimetres (CC) of an engine to horsepower (HP), you need to enter the total number of CC's into our calculator and you can see the equivalent horsepower conversion.

What is the CC to HP formula in the calculator?

Usually the following equation is used when converting CC to HP of an average combustion engine
HP = CC/15

What is the HP to CC formula?

For converting HP to CC, you can use the following basic formula:
CC = HP*15

What CC means?

CC stands for cubic centimetres. It means the size of the engine in cubic centimetres. CC tells you the usable volume that an engine has for combustion.

What HP means?

HP stands for horsepower. It means the power that an engine produces.

1000 CC to HP

Lets use 1000CC engine in this CC to HP example. Using the known CC to HP formula above, we can find out the following:
HP = 1000CC/15 = 67 horsepower
You can also use this page to find out the exact answer.

Example of HP to CC conversion

Lets use 100HP engine in this HP to CC example. Using the known CC to HP formula above, we can find out the following:
CC = 100HP*15 = 1500 cubic centimetres
Alternatively you can use our HP to CC calculator to find out the result.

How to convert Briggs & Stratton CC to HP?

When it comes to engines, Briggs & Stratton is no exception. For all the engines, including Briggs & Stratton, the CC to HP conversion is exactly same as it would be in any other case.

Do the electric cars have cubic meters in their engine?

Cubic meters (CCs) are only on gasoline or diesel engines. Since electric cars don't have combustion engine, there is no cubic meters that can be measured in them. Therefore you can't use this CC to HP calculator
Electric cars have electric motors. Based on the size of eletric cars' electric motor you can calculate the horsepower of that engine.
Understanding the power output of an electric motor

Is a higher CC always better?

Higher CC itself does not always mean that an engine would be better than another. Some small engines with little CC can produce a lot of power, especially if they are high tuned or they have some accessories such as turbo.
Does high cc neccesarily means more speed and power?
Also for example motor bikes have small engines that produce high horsepower, but lower torgue. For example 750CC motorbike has usually more horsepower than a car with 1500cc (1.5L) engine. This is usually due to the fact that motorbike engines have bigger maximum RPM than car engines.
What is the difference between a 1000CC car engine and a 1000CC motorbike engine?

How engine horsepower is measured?

You can measure engine horsepower with a tool that is called dynamometer. The dynamometer measures the RPM and torque of the engine, and calculates horsepower based on these values. You can use the following formula to calculate horsepower based on the RPM and torque:
HP = t*RPM / 5252.
Basic details of horsepower
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