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Energy Converter Calculator

Convert Joules, Calories, Watt-hours and many more energy units easily with our energy converter calculator.

Energy Converter Calculator

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About energy calculator
How to use an energy calculator?
What is energy?
What are kinetic and potential energy?
What are Joules, Calories, and Watt-hour?
What is the International System of Units (SI)?
How many calories are in a joule?

About energy calculator

This page will give you essential information about energy and how to convert different units.

How to use an energy calculator?

You can convert different energy units simply by using our energy calculator. Choose what unit you are converting and then our calculator converts your amount to other units.

What is energy?

In physics, energy is the capacity for doing work. Energy can be in various forms. It can be kinetic, chemical, nuclear, or mechanical.
According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy can't be created and destroyed. Energy can only change from one form to another. This concept, known as the conservation of energy, refers to the process of converting an energy source into different energy. For instance, if a box moves down a slope, its kinetic energy is used to generate heat.
Definition of energy

What are kinetic and potential energy?

Kinetic energy can be anything that has the ability to move, and therefore it is motion. Kinetic energy can be the movement of waves, atoms, or for example the human body.
Potential energy is stored-up energy that has the potential to create change or do some work. For instance, chemical energy is the energy that holds together bonds containing molecular bonds.

What are Joules, Calories, and Watt-hour?

Joules are units of energy, and they are used in the International System of Units (SI). One Joule equals the work done by one-newton force over a one-meter distance.
Calories are energy units, which are most commonly used in heat and foods. Originally calorie was defined by the energy that is required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 °C.
Watt-hour is the standard unit of energy, which is commonly used in electricity. One watt-hour equals the amount of energy that is needed to use one Watt of power for an hour.
Energy units

What is the International System of Units (SI)?

The International System of Units is the modern version of the French system of units. It is the sole international system of units with official status in almost all countries.

How many calories are in a joule?

One Joule is 0.239 Calories. Therefore one kilojoule equals 0.239 kilocalories.
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