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The formula for converting kg to liter using density
What is the equivalent of 1 kilogram of water in liters?
What is the equivalent of a kilogram to a liter?
How can I convert the kg to liter formula to liter to kg

The formula for converting kg to liter using density

This formula converts liters to kg by using density.
kg = liter x density
The formula to convert kg to liters can be rewritten in the same way.
liter = kg / density
To be able to use these formulas we must know the density. This refers to the ratio of mass to volume for the liquid we wish to convert.
Let's say 5 liters is converted to kg using butter.
When we place the values in our lives, we get:
weight of butter = 5 liters x 0.959 density
weight of butter = 4.80 kg
Now you are able to convert 5 liters of water into kilograms.

What is the equivalent of 1 kilogram of water in liters?

1 kilogram of pure water is 1 liter when it reaches its maximum density at 1 kg/l and temperatures of 39.2 degrees F or 4 degrees C. 1 kg of water will be slightly less than 1 liter at higher temperatures. At room temperature, 1 kilogram of water is equivalent to approximately 1.002 liters.

What is the equivalent of a kilogram to a liter?

When the density is 1 kg/l or higher, a kilogram is equal to one liter. Divide the material's weight by its density to convert kg into liter.
liter = weight / density
Note: Make sure you verify the units for all variables.

How can I convert the kg to liter formula to liter to kg

Here's how to convert kilograms into liters:
  • Multiply The density of the liquid is multiplied by its liter volume, i.e. :
  • kg = liter x density
  • To convert kg to Liters, make sure you express density in kg per liter.
  • To calculate liter from kilogram, multiply the liquid's weight by its density, i.e. :
  • liter = kg / density
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