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What do Nm and ft-lbs measure?
How to convert newton meters to foot pounds?
How to convert ft-lbs to Nm?
Other units of torque - kg-cm to Nm and J/rad to Nm
How can I convert inch-lbs to foot-lbs?
What is 10 Nm in inch-pounds?
How can I convert Nm to ft-lbs torque?
How do I convert kg-m to Nm?

What do Nm and ft-lbs measure?

Torque is a measure of how much effort it takes to rotate an object. It is most commonly expressed in Newton meters (Nm) and foot-pounds (ft-lbs). Newton-meters are named after Isaac Newton, who developed the theory behind it. Foot-pounds are the units used in the United States, while the metric system is used in many other countries.
We want to show you a simple scenario that will demonstrate the concept of rotational motion. Imagine you have a lever that has one stationary point. When you push or pull the lever in a straight line, the object will rotate around that stationary point. The further from the pivot point you apply the force, the bigger the rotation.
Torque is the force that you apply to a pivot to change the direction of an object. If you're familiar with the SI unit system, you might measure it in newton-meters. If, however, you use the FPS (foot-pound-second) system, you might be more familiar with the unit of foot-pounds.

How to convert newton meters to foot pounds?

Conversing between Nm and ft-lbs can be a daunting task, but we've got you covered! Just remember that 1 Nm is equal to 0.7376 ft-lbs, and our torque conversion calculator will take care of the rest.
The conversion table below has the most fundamental values of torque in both the imperial (”imperial”) and US customary units (”US customary”). You can use it to easily convert between the two units.
Newton-meters| Foot-pounds
1 Nm| 0.738 ft-lbs
2 Nm| 1.475 ft-lbs
5 Nm| 3.688 ft-lbs
10 Nm| 7.376 ft-lbs
20 Nm| 14.751 ft-lbs
25 Nm| 18.439 ft-lbs
30 Nm| 22.127 ft-lbs
35 Nm| 25.815 ft-lbs
40 Nm| 29.502 ft-lbs
50 Nm| 36.878 ft-lbs
100 Nm| 73.756 ft-lbs

How to convert ft-lbs to Nm?

If you're trying to do the opposite - converting from newton meters to foot-pounds - there is no need to worry! All you need to remember is that 1 Nm is equivalent to 1.3558 ft-lbs. So, to convert from newton meters to foot-pounds, you just need to multiply the value you have by the factor of 1.3558.
In addition to our data types tables, we have compiled a handy conversion table. It includes the list of data types and their corresponding conversions.
Foot-pounds| Newton-meters
1 ft-lbs| 1.356 Nm
2 ft-lbs| 2.712 Nm
5 ft-lbs| 6.779 Nm
10 ft-lbs| 13.558 Nm
20 ft-lbs| 27.116 Nm
25 ft-lbs| 33.895 Nm
30 ft-lbs| 40.675 Nm
35 ft-lbs| 47.454 Nm
40 ft-lbs| 54.233 Nm
50 ft-lbs| 67.791 Nm
100 ft-lbs| 135.582 Nm

Other units of torque - kg-cm to Nm and J/rad to Nm

kg-cm is a curious unit because it doesn't follow the standard SI rules of power and momentum. For example, when you try to convert kg-cm to any other SI units, you will get a different unit than that for newtons multiplied by meters! Knowing how to write kg-cm in the correct notation will make conversions a bit easier. When transcribing measurements in metric units, you should always put a letter after the decimal point to indicate the unit of measure, in this case, a capital letter F for "force." For example, when writing down that 1 kg equals 1.5 N, you would write 1kgF-cm.
If you want to convert kg-cm to Nm, all you need to do is multiply the first value by 0.09807 - one-hundredth of the gravitational acceleration of Earth:
1 kg-cm = 0.09807 Nm = 0.07233 ft-lbs
J/rad is also an alternative unit of torque, commonly used when you need the value of torque in calculations of work or power. These units are equivalent to Nm:
1 J/rad = 1 Nm = 0.738 ft-lbs

How can I convert inch-lbs to foot-lbs?

To convert a value in inches-pounds to a value in foot-pounds, divide the value by 12. This ratio is analogous to the one between inches and feet: the bigger the number in inches-pounds, the smaller the number in foot-pounds.

What is 10 Nm in inch-pounds?

To convert any torque value in Newton meters to inch-pounds, you need to multiply the number by 8.851. This will give you a rounded number that is close to what you may be looking for.

How can I convert Nm to ft-lbs torque?

To find the torque (how much force is exerted) in Newtons, divide the value in kilograms by the value in meters per second squared (0.7376). To find the torque in Foot-Pounds, divide the value in pounds by the value in meters per second squared (1.356).

How do I convert kg-m to Nm?

When dealing with masses and forces, one common unit is the kgF (kilogram of force). The abbreviation for this unit is kg-m. This unit is actually more accurate because it takes into account the gravitational force. The kg-m unit is equal to 9.807 Newton-meters, which is the conversion factor for gravitational acceleration.
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