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Why would you convert millions of dollars to thousands?
What is the definition of lakh? - Lakh definition
Place-value system

Why would you convert millions of dollars to thousands?

Let's pretend it's Sunday afternoon. Now you are at home planning your next vacation. When you look at your bank balance, you think about how much money you would need to save to become a millionaire. This is assuming you count your currency in the Indian place-value system. Just convert your savings from lakhs to millions and you'll be a millionaire before you know it.
To convert 18 lakhs to millions, you might decide. To get 1.8million, divide it by 10. That's a lot of money! This information may lead you to consider setting some saving goals.
The conversion ratio between millions and lakh is 1:10. This means that one million equals to how many lakhs. The answer to your question "1 million equals how many lakhs?" is 10. These two values are not indistinguishable, but if you're unsure, you can only see the difference in their place numbers. We will explain this in detail in the next section.

What is the definition of lakh? - Lakh definition

We've discussed so many reasons why we should convert million into lakh and lakh into million. But what is lakh? What does lakh mean and, most importantly, what exactly is lakh in India. These are only a few of many questions that pertain to lakh. First, learn about lakh. Lakh is a unit in Indian place-value systems that is equal to or greater than a hundred thousand. It is 1,00,000..
It is a symbol of a stake in casino gambling that originated in India. There are times when you may not have the number in front of your eyes but need to know the number of zeros in one lakh. If this happens, you can learn that 1 lakh has five zeros.
You now have to answer the unexpected question of your teacher: "How much is 1 Lakh or how many zeros do you find in 5 Lakhs?" You can proudly raise a hand and answer the questions.

Place-value system

Place value refers to the value of each digit within a number that is determined by its position. The 44 number has two identical digits, but their values are different. Forty-four consists of 40 and 4. There are four in each place. The other four are in the tens. It makes it forty. This is how place value systems work. They should not be confused, however, with the face value. This describes the value of a digit regardless of its place in a number.
We are focusing on two place values systems in our million to crore converter:
  • The international place value system
  • The number 92.345,674 can be read as ninety-two million, three hundred forty-five thousand, and six hundred and seventy-four in the international place value system.
  • Indian place-value system
  • India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan are the countries that use the Indian place-value method. The counting takes place in one or more units, tens, hundreds, and thousands of numbers, as well as lakhs.
    The same number in the Indian place-value scheme is 9,234,5,674. It can be read as nine crores (two-three lakhs), forty-five thousand, six hundred, and seventy-four.
    International system| Indian system| Example
    Ones| Ones| 2
    Tens| Tens| 4
    Hundreds| Hundreds| 6
    Thousands| Thousands| 8
    Ten thousands| Ten thousands| 0
    Hundred thousands| Lakhs| 1
    Millions| Ten lakhs| 3
    Ten millions| Crores| 5
    Hundred millions| Ten crores| 7
    Let's consider the number given in the table,753108642. It is read and written in two ways.
  • In the International System, 753,108,642 - 7 hundred 53 million, 1 hundred and 8 thousand, and 6 hundred and 42. Also, notice the period placements - there are 3 digits in each group.
  • In the Indian system, 75,31,08,642 - 75 crores, 31 lakh, 8 thousand, 6 hundred, and 42.
  • You may notice the placement of the periods is a bit different as well. It is because each group contains 2 digits after the one group.

    How to convert millions of dollars into lakhs

    It is known that 1 million equals 105,000s. This makes it easy to do the bidirectional conversion.
  • Millions to Thousands
  • It's easy to convert millions of dollars to lakhs. Here is the formula
    Livingstons = millions * 10 
    Let's say you want to convert 6,000,000 into lakhs. Then multiply 6 by 10, and you will get 60,000.
  • Lakhs up to million conversion 
  • Because we know that million to one lakh is 1:10 we can convert lakh to million using the same formula.
    Millions = Lakhs / 10
    If you want 75 lakh to million, divide 75 times 10, and the answer will be 7.5 million.
    If you ever have to convert million into lakhs and vice versa, you now know exactly how.
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