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Convert pressure units easily with this calculator! Works with Pascals, Bars, Torrs and many more.

Pressure calculator

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About pressure calculator
How to use the pressure calculator?
What is pressure?
What is the formula of pressure?
What is Bar unit?
How many pascals is one bar?
What are Pascals?
What is Torr?
What is good pressure for car tires?
How many bars is good for espresso machine?

About pressure calculator

This page will give you all the necessary information you need to know about pressure!

How to use the pressure calculator?

You can convert pressure units by using our pressure calculator. This calculator works with bars, pascals and torr. You can easily make calculations by choosing pressure unit and then inserting the pressure amount.

What is pressure?

Pressure is a unit that measures the force per unit area. It's commonly used to describe the influences of fluids on their behavior. For an object on a surface, the force that is pressing on the surface is the weight of the object.
When it comes to physical situations, pressure is one of the most important factor. For instance, if you are trying to peel an apple, then the pressure on the knife is the key variable. When the knife is sharp, the area of contact is smaller and therefore less pressure is required.
Pressure and physics

What is the formula of pressure?

Pressure is the perpendicular force per unit area.
Pressure formula
P = F / A
As force is divided by the area, it means that bigger area requires a larger force.

What is Bar unit?

The bar is a unit of pressure that is commonly used in the industrial and meteorology industries. It is not part the International System of Units.

How many pascals is one bar?

One bar equals to 100000 Pascals, and it is slightly less than Earth's average atmospheric pressure.
1 bar = 100000 Pa = 100 kPa

What are Pascals?

Pascal is a unit of pressure that is part of the the International System of Units. Pascal is measured in a newton per square metre unit. However, Pascal is usually inconveniently small for most engineering problems and is often used with multiples of the Pascal.
Pascal was named after French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal.
1 pascal = 1 N/m2 = 1 kg / (m.s2)
More about Pascal

What is Torr?

The torr is a non-SI unit of pressure. It was named after the Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli, who discovered the concept of the barometer in 1674. His discovery became the basis for the modern theory of atmospheric pressure.
In 1954, the 10th C.G.énérale des Poids et Mesures revised the definition of atmosphere. The torr was then defined as 1/760 of one atmosphere.

What is good pressure for car tires?

Your car’s air pressure is measured in pounds per Square inch, or PSI. This number tells you the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle.
There is not single ideal pressure for all tires. Good tire pressure should be based on the type and usage of the car.
Your car’s manufacturer’s recommendation label will usually tell you the tire pressure that’s recommended for your vehicle. It can also be found on the doorpost, the glove box, or on the tire's sidewall. Follow your manufacturers guidelines to keep your tires at the ideal pressure.
How to find correct tire pressure

How many bars is good for espresso machine?

Pressure is the key to making espresso stand out from the rest of the coffee brewing methods. High pressure elevates the coffee and its flavor.
There are a number of factors that go into making the perfect shot of espresso. Some of these include the time needed to prepare, the temperature, and the size of the coffee pot.
Most espresso machines are set to brew at around 8 to 9 bars of pressure. While this works well, it is not always the ideal pressure. Some machines, like the Elektra Micro Casa a Leva, can achieve higher peaks while others can reach a lower level of pressure.
In the end, you can find ideal pressure by testing according your taste preferences.
More about espresso pressure
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