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We Always Count down to the Top 10 Things
Fun Facts: Did You Know? These things have an expiration day
Adding updates without using an online Time Duration Calculator
Hourly Rate Pros and Contras
Salaried Salary Compensation Pros & Cons
10 Jobs With $25/Hour Average Hourly Pay
10 Jobs With Pay Rates of $50/Hour (Average Hourly Pay)
10 jobs pay $100+/Hour. (Average Hourly Earnings)
10 Top-Paying Occupations (the USA)
Calculating how much per hour   

What are standard time units? And where did they come from?

As units of time, we all know that an hour is equivalent to 60 minutes and a minute is equivalent to 60 seconds. What came first? What came first? The hour, the minute, or the second? How are they defined?
The Earth's orbit cycle was historically used to determine the hour, minute, and second. One full rotation takes 24 hours or 24 * 60 = 1,440 mins or 1440 * 60= 86,400 secs. The later formal definition uses the second to define time. It is defined as " The length of 9,192,631,770 radiation periods that corresponds to the transition between two hyperfine levels in the ground state caesium133 atom.
The time units of the hour, minute, or second is not limited to these three. We can also use the hour (=24 hours), the week(=7 days), and the year (around 366 days ). For shorter events, the millisecond (1/1000 seconds), the microsecond (1/1000 milliseconds )...), and the nanosecond (1/1000 second).

We Always Count down to the Top 10 Things

There are days before your birthday
Enjoy seconds of added life in a video or mobile gaming app
After a long day of work, the end
How many hours will it take to get to the weekend?
10 Seconds Before the New Year
What are the days before you go on vacation?
Days before the holiday season (use a Day Counter)
Days before your online order arrives
Seconds before the microwave buzzes
Time remaining until a large file finishes downloading

Fun Facts: Did You Know? These things have an expiration day

Car seats last between 6 and 10 years, depending upon the type.
Sunscreens only last three years before they become ineffective.
Motor oil should be used within five years.
Teabags start to lose their quality about every two years.
As time passes, sunglasses lose effectiveness in blocking UV light.
Unopened paint lasts for approximately 10 years.
Toothpaste lasts only two years after it was manufactured.
Bar soaps can be kept for less than 3 years.
Helmets only last two years for serious bikers (serious bikers), and four years for casual bikers (occasional bikers).
Anti-bug sprays last up to three years.

Adding updates without using an online Time Duration Calculator

You should be able to identify the relationship between the units of time and the best way to convert between them.
1 year = 366 days
1 leap-year = 366 days
1 month:
28 days for Feb. or 29 in a leap year
30 days (September, April, and June respectively, November
31 days (All months except those above).
Other units of measurement
1 second = 1000 millisecond
1 minute = 60 Seconds
1 hour = 60 Minutes
1 day = 24hrs
1 week = 7 days
Use our Time Between Dates calculator for a quick calculation of the time between days/weeks, months/years.
In this situation, the seconds will be greater than 60. Add 1 to 60, then subtract 60 from seconds.
Minutes: 75 + 1 = 76
Seconds: 80 - 60 = 20
Now, the minutes exceed 60. Add 1 to the hour, then subtract 60 minutes.
Hours: 3 + 1 = 4
Minutes: 76 - 60 = 16
The total time taken is 4:16:20 Double-check your results using our time adder.
Salary Vs. Hourly
What are the key differences between hourly and salaried employees? Hourly workers work at a flat rate of $20/hour. Salaried workers get regular paychecks, and are entitled to more benefits than hourly employees. Salaried workers cannot be paid overtime while hourly wage earners may get overtime for working more hours each week.

Hourly Rate Pros and Contras

Pros: Hourly employees can receive a higher weekly salary for working more hours. Working on holidays or special days can make it possible for hourly wage workers to earn more than their hourly rates.
Cons: Hourly employees might be prohibited from working overtime in some companies. In slow businesses, hourly workers may not be allowed to work 40 hours per week and could be dismissed early. It is possible that they won't be eligible for insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, or other benefits that many companies offer to salaried employees.

Salaried Salary Compensation Pros & Cons

Salaried workers are more likely to have a steady income than hourly workers. They enjoy the various perks of Salaried Workers, such as retirement plans, bonuses, and insurance plans.
Cons: Salaried employees can't be paid for overtime work performed late at night or over weekends. Depending on the company and the individual, some employees may be asked to do more than their job to maintain competitiveness with their colleagues.


An Hour Calculator makes it easy to add and subtract your earnings quickly. You don't need to download anything. Enter the hours and minutes worked, and the calculator will give you the results. You can email the results or print them. There are many interesting facts and statistics about high-paying jobs and industries in America. Also, you can calculate your hourly earnings using a simple method.

10 Jobs With $25/Hour Average Hourly Pay

Counselors in mental health, behavioral disorder, and substance abuse. $23.75
Specialized in treating muscle and bone illnesses and injuries. $24.12
Self-enrichment education instructors $24.37
$24.03 for mechanics and installers (heating/air conditioning and refrigeration).
Audio and video equipment technicians $23.77
Social workers $24.03
$26.02 for planners (events meeting and convention).
Clinical laboratory technologists/technicians $25.93
Construction equipment operators and engineers $25.52
$24.49 Technicians (Environmental protection and science)

10 Jobs With Pay Rates of $50/Hour (Average Hourly Pay)

Administrative professionals $49.65
5.11.7 for Postsecondary Education Administrators
Managers, medical and health service managers $52.84
Developers of applications software $50.91
Mineral and geoscientific engineers, $49.85
Biochemists & biophysicists 50.61
Geoscientists $50.78
Physician assistants: $50.43
Nurse-midwives $49.82
Nurse practitioners $51.67

10 jobs pay $100+/Hour. (Average Hourly Earnings)

Life coach
Underwater welder
Photographer as a freelancer
Political speechwriter
Tattoo artist
Massage therapist
Interior designer
Commercial pilot

10 Top-Paying Occupations (the USA)

Anesthesiologists $271.440
Surgeons $251, 650
Gynecologists and Obstetricians $239 120
Orthodontists $237.990
Oral and Maxillofacial Scurgeons $234.990
Physicians, All Other; Ophthalmologists (Except Pediatric $218.850
Psychiatrists: $217, 100
Prosthodontists $214-870
Family Medicine Physicians $214.370
General Internal Medicine Physicians $210, 960

Calculating how much per hour   

If you work full time and don't have overtime, add two weeks of yearly vacation to your job or 40 hours per week and multiply that by 50 workweeks and you'll be able to get 2,000 hours. Private companies usually offer two weeks of paid leave following a year. Add three zeros to the hourly amount and divide by 2.
If you take $60,000 per annum, that's $60,000 in a typical year. Simply subtract the 3 zeros and you will get $60. Take this and divide it by 2 to get $30. An hourly rate of $30 is what you're getting. It's easy to calculate your hourly earnings with this website. Simply use our minute calculator to quickly calculate your earnings.

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