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Convert temperature units such as Fahrenheits, Celcius degrees, Kelvins and Rankines easily with our free calculator.

Temperature converter

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About temperature calculator
How to use the temperature calculator?
What is temperature?
What is difference between temperature and heat?
How temperature is measured?
What is Celsius?
What is Fahrenheit?
What is Kelvin?
What is Rankine?
How many Fahrenheits is 1 Celsius degree?
How many Celsius degrees is 1 Fahrenheit?
What is normal body temperature?
What is the Absolute zero?
What is the coldest place on earth?

About temperature calculator

This page will give you all the necessary information you need to know about temperature!

How to use the temperature calculator?

You can convert temperature units by using our temperature calculator. This calculator works with Celsius degrees, Fahrenheits, Rankines and Kelvins. You can easily make calculations by choosing a temperature unit and then inserting the temperature amount.

What is temperature?

The temperature is the average kinetic energy of a substance or system within its body. Therefore temparature indicates the direction in which the heat energy will flow from a hot body to a cold one. It is not the same as the energy of a thermodynamic system. Temperature is expressed in terms of arbitrary scales.
Definition of temperature

What is difference between temperature and heat?

Heat is a measure of the transfer of heat between molecules within a system. It is also a measure of how energy flows.
The temperature refers to the average kinetic energy of a substance or system within its body. It is a physical property that can be measured in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Rankine.
Difference between heat and temperature

How temperature is measured?

A temperature is a relative measure of the amount of heat an object possesses. It is commonly used to measure temperature by referring to the three main scales: the Fahrenheit scale, the Celsius scale, and the K scale.

What is Celsius?

Celsius, also known as centigrade, is a scale that measures the freezing point of water and the boiling point of water.
Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, is credited with inventing the centigrade temperature scale in 1742. He established the two reference temperatures of the boiling and freezing point of water to provide a consistent method of measuring temperature. The scale was renamed after Celsius died.

What is Fahrenheit?

A Fahrenheit is a temperature scale, which is based on freezing point of water and the average temperature of human body.
The Fahrenheit scale is a temperature scale based on the concept of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. Daniel Fahrenheit is responsible for the development of the alcohol thermometer and the mercury thermometer. He was also credited with inventing the Fahrenheit scale in 1724.

What is Kelvin?

The Kelvin is the base unit of Thermodynamic temperature measurement in the SI.
Lord William Kelvin was a Scottish physicist whose concept of absolute zero was established in 1854. He used this concept to establish the Kelvin scale. The Kelvin scale has the same unit as the Celsius scale, and it resets the zero point at absolute zero: -273.15.

What is Rankine?

Rankine is a temperature scale, which is equilevant to kelvin scale, as they both are defined in absolute zero. The temperature difference between a given Rankine degree and the Celsius degree is equal to one Fahrenheit degree.

How many Fahrenheits is 1 Celsius degree?

A 1 degree Celsius temperature change is equivalent to a 1.8 degree Fahrenheit temperature change.

How many Celsius degrees is 1 Fahrenheit?

A 1 degree Fahrenheit temperature change is equivalent to a 0.5555 degree Celsius temperature change.

What is normal body temperature?

Your body is like a little furnace. It constantly puts out heat. When it gets too hot, it signals that something is not right.
Your body temperature is different from that of other individuals. It could be a degree different than your normal temperature.
For an adult, the average body temperature ranges from 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. In children and babies, it can range from 97.8 to 100.4.
Normal body temperature

What is the Absolute zero?

Absolute zero is the temperature where a thermodynamic system has the least energy. This concept was suggested by the behavior of gases as they contract during low pressure.
Absolute zero is equivelant to 0 Kelvins.

What is the coldest place on earth?

Eastern Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica
Data collected by satellites from 2004 to 2016 suggested that air temperatures in the Eastern Antarctic Plateau could reach -94 degrees Celsius. Researchers believe this extreme weather phenomenon could cause temperatures to get worse.
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