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Power Conversion Calculator

Use our Power conversion calculator to convert power units easily. This calculator works with horsepowers, watts, kilowatts, megawatts, volt amperers and many more!

Power Converter Calculator

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About power converter calculator
How to use the power converter calculator?
What is power?
What are Horsepowers, Watts, and Volt amperes?
How many kilowatts is one horsepower?
What is the difference between horsepower and torque?
What is the official unit of power?
What is the International System of Units (SI)?

About power converter calculator

This page will give you essential information about power and how to convert different units.

How to use the power converter calculator?

You can convert different power units simply by using our power calculator. Choose what unit you are converting and then our calculator converts your amount to other units.

What is power?

Power is the rate at which energy is transferred from one place to another or transformed from one form to another one. Therefore power is the amount of energy transferred or transformed in a certain time unit.
Formula of power
P = ∆W / ∆t
Power is typically related to different machines, as they usually require power to do work.
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What are Horsepowers, Watts, and Volt amperes?

One horsepower is the common unit of power, which is the rate at which work is completed. It provides the power needed to lift a total mass of approximately 4560 kilograms in one minute or 76 kilograms in one second. This unit of power was adopted by Scottish engineer James Watt in the 18th century.
Watt is the unit of power that measures the consumption of energy in a standard electric circuit. Watt equals the work done at a rate of one joule per hour or the power produced by a current of ampere across a one-volt difference.
Volt ampere is an electric measurement unit, which is equal to the product of a single volt and one ampere.
Power units

How many kilowatts is one horsepower?

Both kilowatts and horsepower are units of power. Therefore they can be straightforwardly converted to each other.
One horsepower equals 0.7457 kilowatts.
One kilowatt equals to 1.3410 horsepowers.

What is the difference between horsepower and torque?

Torque is the twisting force, which measures the amount of force that's available to the engine when it produces a rotation motion. It's the same force that's applied to an object to keep its rotation.
Both horsepower and torque are about measuring force. Torque simply determines the amount of force that a vehicle is capable of exerting, and horsepower determines the rate of power.
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What is the official unit of power?

The International System of Units uses newton meters per second as an official unit of power.

What is the International System of Units (SI)?

The International System of Units is the modern version of the French system of units. It is the sole international system of units with official status in almost all countries.
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