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This converter will convert between MegaBits Per Second (Kbps and Mbps).

KiloBits per Second (Kbps) to MegaBits per Second (Mbps) Converter


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Kbps to Mbps conversion table

How many KiloBits per second equals one MegaBit every second?

One thousand kbps is equal to 1 Mbps. Kbps stands in KiloBits per second and Mbps in Megabits Per Second. This is based on the bit, megabit, and kilobit definitions. A kilobit is 1000 bits (103), while a megabit (1,000,000 bits (106) so 1 Mbit equals exactly 1,000 Kbits. Addition per second on both sides of an equation changes the units but not the numbers.

There is a difference between Kbps and Mb/s.

The difference lies in the magnitude. A 1 Mbps connection can have 1,000 times more bandwidth than a 1kbps connection. Although network capacity is also known as bandwidth or speed, technically, it is incorrect. A network that has a one kbps capacity can transmit 1kbits per second.
The two units can be used for the same purpose. However, one unit is more appropriate in areas with low network capacity, e.g., A 2G mobile network, with 50 kbit/s (40 Kbit/s in practice), is more easily written as kbps than 0.05 Mbps. This makes writing banners, posters, and headlines about mobile networks easier. Modern network definitions use Mbps (or mbit/s). You probably have a 100 Mbps LAN cable on your smartphone or computer. Many internet service providers also offer internet connections in Mbps. 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps.

How do you convert KiloBits per second to Megabits per second?

Divide by 1,000 to convert kbps to Mbps. You can do this by moving the decimal point 3 places to the left. 

Kbps to Mbps conversion table

Kbps Mbps
1 Kbps 0.001000 Mbps
2 Kbps 0.002000 Mbps
3 Kbps 0.003000 Mbps
4 Kbps 0.004000 Mbps
5 Kbps 0.005000 Mbps
6 Kbps 0.006000 Mbps
7 Kbps 0.007000 Mbps
8 Kbps 0.008000 Mbps
9 Kbps 0.009000 Mbps
10 Kbps 0.01 Mbps
20 Kbps 0.02 Mbps
30 Kbps 0.03 Mbps
40 Kbps 0.04 Mbps
50 Kbps 0.05 Mbps
60 Kbps 0.06 Mbps
70 Kbps 0.07 Mbps
80 Kbps 0.08 Mbps
90 Kbps 0.09 Mbps
100 Kbps 0.10 Mbps
200 Kbps 0.20 Mbps
300 Kbps 0.30 Mbps
400 Kbps 0.40 Mbps
500 Kbps 0.50 Mbps
600 Kbps 0.60 Mbps
700 Kbps 0.70 Mbps
800 Kbps 0.80 Mbps
900 Kbps 0.90 Mbps
1,000 Kbps 1 Mbps

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