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Pokemon Go Candy Calculator

The Pokemon Go candy calculator will allow you to maximize the evolution of your pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go candy calculator

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Pokemon Go was the biggest trend in the summer of 2016 if you're not living under a rock. Millions upon millions of players were and still are, out exploring the streets in search of their next Pokemon. They also hatch eggs and fight for control over the gyms.
Many players took the game to another level by creating tutorials and tools that would help players improve their character's leveling. We also created the Pokemon Go Candy Calculator, which will help you calculate how many Pokemon can be evolved with a specific amount of candy.
In the first section, type the number you need to transform your Pokemon. This number can be anywhere from 12 to 400 for popular Magikarps or Caterpie. It is a popular strategy to grow your Pokemon. This involves generating as many 12-candy Pokemon as you can. Why? 500 experience points for each Pokemon you create. No matter how many candies or 400 you spend, you still get 500 points. It is a good idea to pick the most basic ones.
In the next section, add the number of candies that you have. Next, enter the number of candies you have. In the third box, select whether you will use a Lucky Egg for this occasion. Lucky Eggs can be found in the game and will double your experience gain for 30 minutes. Don't try to evolve just one or two Pokemon. Only use them once you have collected a substantial amount of candies and Pokemons. Once you're ready to use the egg you'll receive 1,000 XP each evolution. Don't wait, it won’t last!

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Published: Thu Jul 21 2022
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