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EDPI Calculator (mouse Sensitivity Calculator)

With this eDPI calculator you will find out the effective dots per inch in Valorant, CS:GO, or in any other videogame!


DPI stands for dots per inch, referring to how a computer mouse measures physical distance. The more technically accurate phrase is actually CPI, or counts per inch, as dots are not actually used as part of the process. However, DPI is the abbreviation you’re more likely to encounter when comparing options, so we’ll be using that going forward.
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You can find and change your sensitivity e.g. in CS:GO settings, or by typing sensitivity into your CS:GO developer console.

CS:GO raw_input

m_raw_input 0
m_raw_input 1
TL;DR: basically, if you have your windows mouse settings at 6/11 and smoothing off raw input will not effect your sensitivity at all. What it will effect are "feel", which honestly might be a placebo. I recommend trying both and just using what you feel best from a blind test (have someone else change the settings for you and don't look at them)
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You can change this setting by typing m_rawinput "1" into your developer console in CS:GO. "1" means on, "0" means off.

Windows Sensitivity

Is between 1 and 11
Applies only if m_rawinput is off.
Can be found and changed by pressing Windows + R and typing main.cpl. Run the script and click on Pointer options tab.

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Table of contents

What DPI means?
What sensitivity means?
What is eDPI?
Why eDPI is important?
How the calculator calculates the eDPI?
How to calculate eDPI?
EDPI vs sensitivity
What games does eDPI calculator work with?

What DPI means?

DPI means dots per inch. DPI tells that how many dots or pixels your cursor moves on your screen when you move your mouse one inch (2.5cm). The DPI setting can be changed from mouse software or from the DPI button in the mouse, especially if you have a gaming mouse. Changing your DPI setting changes the setting on games, browser and on desktop. Gaming mouses usually have DPI from 400 to 2000, but usually professional gamers use DPI setting that is somewhere between 400 and 1200. After this they adjust the sensitivity on the game of their choice.

What sensitivity means?

Sensitivity is also related to the movement of the mouse. You can adjust your mouse sensitivity from the game you are playing, but also from Windows mouse settings. These two are two different settings.
CS:GO mouse settings and sensitivity guide 2021

What is eDPI?

eDPI sounds like DPI, but it means a slightly different thing. eDPI means effective-dots-per-inch. eDPI is calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI with your game sensitivity. Calculating eDPI is easy with the formula, but we also created a calculator to help you on calculating the eDPI.

Why eDPI is important?

All professional videogame players use different DPI setting on their mouses. This creates a problem when you are choosing sensitivity in your videogame, for example in CS:GO or Valorant. eDPI calculator solves this problem by making comparable values that work on all computers with different settings.
Valorant professional player settings

How the calculator calculates the eDPI?

eDPI calculator calculates the eDPI by multiplying your DPI with your in-game sensitivity.

How to calculate eDPI?

Calculating eDPI is easy with the following formula. You can calculate eDPI manually or then use the calculator on this page.
eDPI = DPI * game sensitivity

EDPI vs sensitivity

The reason people use eDPI is that just using sensitivity the real sensitivity of mosue is affected by the size of the screen. If you set your sensitivity to the same setting, the mouse will move different speed on two different speeds depending on the size of the monitor.
eDPI distribution of 378 CSGO professional players

What games does eDPI calculator work with?

Our eDPI calculator works with all the possible videogames: CS:GO, Fortnite, Valorant, and so on.
How to choose the best VALORANT sensitivity settings and DPICS:GO best settings and options guide
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