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How can you manually calculate a file's upload time?
Which factors affect your upload speed?
How can you speed up the upload?
Which country usually has the best upload speed?
How long does it take to upload to YouTube?

How can you manually calculate a file's upload time?

Step 1:Convert the file size into Megabytes.
Step 2: Convert the upload speed into Megabytes.
Step 3: Divide the file size by speed. This will be the time in seconds.
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Which factors affect your upload speed?

1) Connection Bandwidth

Connection bandwidth is probably one of the first factors that come to mind when thinking of internet speed. This expression means the amount of data that is transferred in a certain amount of time. Good bandwidth is usually somewhere between 12-25 Mbps (megabits per second). The bandwidth can vary from one location to another.

2) ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Upload speed can also depend on your Internet Service Provider. How, you may ask? Well, for example, you're looking into buying an internet package for your phone, you start looking into different companies and settle on two of them. Your final decision can be influenced by which one of the providers offers better reception in your area. This scenario is only a simple example of how the ISP you choose can affect your upload speed.

3) Multiple active upload tasks

Let's imagine that you are trying to upload three separate to your cloud drive. Naturally, it will lower your upload speed as you are trying to perform three different tasks simultaneously. This happens because the platform you are using is trying to get all the tasks done simultaneously, which results in lower speed and an increase in the time spent for the upload completion.

4) Multiple devices connected to the same network

For obvious reasons, having multiple devices using the same network can lower your upload speed to a less than optimal speed.

5) It is what it is!

Sometimes your upload speed is bound to your luck. It might be your location, on which floor your apartment is located, your device model, and many other factors that we don't always have control over.
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How can you speed up the upload?

There are a few different ways you can go about increasing your upload speed:

1) Use a wired connection

Try an Ethernet cable if you are using a Wi-Fi connection. Doing this will guarantee a faster and more stable connection, overall resulting in better upload speed.

2) Remove malware

Investing in an antivirus can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Besides the obvious, an antivirus can also help remove malware from your device that can ultimately slow it down and result in a bad experience with upload speed.

3) Clear cache and web history

Clearing the cache and the web history of your device will improve the overall speed of your device, and finally, the upload speed. You could also try closing open browser pages you don't need.

4) Remove other devices from the network

Try removing connected devices that you don't currently need, like computers, mobile devices, printers, and anything else using the same network.

Which country usually has the best upload speed?

Indeed the answer to this question will vary from year to year, but statistics show that Singapore usually has one of the best internet speeds, resulting in a great experience with upload speeds. You are guaranteed a rate of almost 227 Mbps in Singapore. Amazing, right?
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How long does it take to upload to YouTube?

Let's talk about one of the most popular upload platforms, YouTube! The upload rate depends on a few variables, from which perhaps the most obvious are the size of the file, the file type, and your internet speed, more specifically, upload speed. With that being said, depending on the mentioned variables, uploading a video could take somewhere from a few minutes to several hours.
See the article below for further information on when the best time is to upload to YouTube:
Best time to publish youtube videos
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