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Online word counters are an excellent tool for anyone who does not use Microsoft Word to keep track of the words and characters they have written.

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What is word count?
What is the importance of word count?
Appropriate word count for readers
Proper word count can enhance the authority of your content.
Word count can impact your reader’s interactiveness.

What is word count?

The word count refers to the length of a piece. It can be a novel, story, blog post, article in a magazine, or sales letter. It is crucial to consider the type of work because it affects its word count. A novel (80,000 words) will always be more than a magazine article (usually 1000).
The same goes for novels. Some types will be shorter than others. A short story can be over 1000 words, but it can also be less than 20,000 words. There are many short stories with word counts that range from 1000 words to 20,000 words. But what about novels? There are 50,000-word novels. These are the shortest novels. There are 80,000, 100,000, and even 120,000 of them. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are 257,000 words in length. It depends on what length you choose. But what is it? Continue reading.

What is the importance of word count?

Because it allows you to select your readers, word count is crucial. If you have a novel over 100,000 words in length, there will naturally be readers who are not interested (just because it is too long). Children who are interested but unable to read because of the large word count are readers' examples. You know your problem if your novel is too large on shelves. This will automatically exclude some people.
A low word count will make your work more accessible to some people than others. It is vital to keep it concise when you write anything in the world. However, it could appear too thin (if published).
Not only is the word count significant, but it isn't the only factor that will determine if your work is appropriate for certain people. It is only one factor. It is often the content of the work that makes the difference.

Appropriate word count for readers

It is entirely up to you. It is important to note that an incorrect word count can cause problems. When you write, it is essential to know the word count of your work. Microsoft Word's newer versions display your word count in Microsoft Word as you type. It changes dynamically every time you type.
It's okay if you have a small word count appealing to those who prefer shorter word counts. The same applies if you have a large word count for people who like them - the content is what matters most. If you have something outstanding, you will get exceptions. Word count is irrelevant in this instance; It's just an aside. Keeping your writing clear is more important.

Proper word count can enhance the authority of your content.

You should ensure that your content is well-written and sufficiently long to be effective. The respect given to shorter posts is less than those with more depth and substance. If your answer to a question is clear, you may become an authority in the field. If this happens, your article may be used as an example for other articles. These articles will contain links to your content. This can improve your search ranking as a result of higher site traffic.

Word count can impact your reader’s interactiveness.

The ability to retain their audience is a crucial characteristic of a successful writer. It's becoming more challenging to do this with technology changing as most people will go to a page to search for information. If the information isn't relevant, they will abandon the site and look elsewhere. This is known as the "bounce rate" and can severely impact your site's rankings.
Although the content is written well, short posts may not keep your readers interested for very long. A longer post will draw more people to your site, making it more widespread.
Google will monitor how long your visitors remain on your page in order to predict future rankings. Sites that get a lot of visitors and are likely to linger on your page will be more highly ranked. Pages that have a high bounce rate are penalized with lower rankings.
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