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How to convert HEX to RGB?
What are HEX and RGB colors?
What is the difference between RGB and HEX?
What is color theory?
Colour harmony

How to convert HEX to RGB?

The easiest way to convert HEX is to use our HEX to RGB converter. Simply add your HEX value, and our converter will give you the correct HEX value.
If you like to convert RGB to HEX, check out our RGB to HEX converter:
RGB to HEX Calculator

What are HEX and RGB colors?

Since the beginning of web development, there have been many ways to specify colors for web pages. Today, there are two main types of colors that are used in web design, namely RGB and HEX.
Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.
Programmers prefer to use hex color codes since they are predictable and can always be used with six digits.

1) HEX

A HEX color is a type of code that shows the amounts of red, green, and blue in a particular color.
HEX color codes are similar to the RGB color codes in that they each define a color using the same principle. They are also more compact and can be used for minimizing code.
The hex code byte values range from 0 to FF. The lowest intensity of a color is 00, while the highest intensity is FF.
HEX colours are commonly supported by all modern browsers.
Here are some examples:
Blue: #0000FF
Yellow: #FFFF00
Black: #000000
Red: #FF0000
Check out the link below for more information about HEX colours
HEX definition

2) RGB

The RGB system consists of three sets of colors: red, green, and blue. They can be combined in several proportions to obtain any desired color in the visible spectrum. The levels of R, B, and G are represented by decimal numbers.
Here are some examples:
Blue: (0,0,255)
Red: (255,0,0)
Yellow: (255,255,0)
Black: (0,0,0)
Check out the link below for more colors and their RGB code:
What is RGB colour

What is the difference between RGB and HEX?

The RGB color code is based on the number system known as the decimal number system. The base-10 character is used to represent the numbers.
In contrast, the HEX color code values are based on the base-16 system.
To represent a color's composition in RGB values listing the three primary colors: red, green, and blue, the resulting code would have nine characters long.
In hexadecimal, the code would only have six characters long.

What is color theory?

Color theory is a term that has a lot of definitions and is frequently used in design. For assessing and describing the concept, there are three main categories to consider.
The concept of color theory shows how to arrange various objects in a circle according to their color.
Your can read more about color theory here:
Color theory

Colour harmony

Harmony is a satisfying and orderly visual experience. An arrangement of pieces, such as poetry or music, might be defined as it.
A balanced color system provides a visual interest and order. It does so by taking into account the various elements of the visual system.
Colour harmony
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