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What are HEX, RGB, and HSL colors?
Colour theory
Why do restaurants use red and yellow?
Why do hospitals use blue?
What your favorite color says about you
image of abstract mixture of colors

What are HEX, RGB, and HSL colors?

Colors are referred to in different categories. The purpose is to identify colors more technically.

1) HEX

HEX is a code consisting of six hexadecimal digits and is represented in the format of #000000. For example, the HEX for the following colors is as listed below:
Black: #000000
Red: #FF0000
Blue: #0000FF
Yellow: #FFFF00
Check out the link below for more colors and their HEX code:
HEX definition

2) RGB

RGB stands for "Red, Green, Blue" which consists of three numbers. Each of these numbers signifies the amount of red, green, and blue in a specific color. RGB is usually used in digital environments such as computers, monitors, and televisions. See the examples below:
Black: (0,0,0)
Red: (255,0,0)
Blue: (0,0,255)
Yellow: (255,255,0)
Check out the link below for more colors and their RGB code:
RGB definition

3) HSL

HSL stands for "Hue, Saturation, Lightness". Hue refers to the part of the light spectrum (0-360°), saturation to its intensity (0-1, 0-100°), and lightness to the brightness (0-1, 0-100%). See examples of HSL below:
Black: (0,0%,0%)
Red: (0,100%,50%)
Blue: (240,100%,50%)
Yellow: (60,100%,50%)
Check out the link below for more colors and their HSL code:
HSL definition

Colour theory

The "Colour Theory" refers to the collection of rules designers use to choose colors for an optimized visual user interface. Designers use the color wheel to select the best colors for any situation since colors have a strong psychological effect on how we perceive different things.
image of colour wheel
Colour Wheel
Check out the link below for more information on color theory:
Color theory

Why do restaurants use red and yellow?

image red and yellow on different logos
Take a look at the logos above- did they make you hungry? It would come as no surprise if your mouth started drooling at the sight of a fast-food sign. Now take a closer look at the colors used in the logos. As you see, red is a staple that is accompanied by yellow. Perhaps you have already guessed that these two colors are not random; red and yellow are known to engage humans and cause excitement in them. Combining these bright colors can excite you, interest you, and finally, cause you to order lots of food. This is normal and is taken into consideration when designing fast-food logos and their interior design.
Have a look at the color of the fast-food restaurant interior design next time you're out for nuggets! :)

Why do hospitals use blue?

image of blue colors in hospital
You have probably noticed that hospitals use blue for the interior, scrubs, sheets, and many other things, which is not random. The color blue is usually associated with cleanness, professionalism, trust, and calmness. Other than this, the change from white to blue or green made it a lot easier to get rid of bloodstains. Some also report that staring at other surgeons' white scrubs during surgery would cause a headache. All these resulted in the shift from white to blue and green.

What your favorite color says about you

image persons face painted with multiple colors
If we are asked to imagine a world without colors, we probably can't. Colors make our world diverse; the transition from summer to autumn, leaves changing color, from winter to spring, and many other regular concepts all involve colors. Besides the obvious, colors can also impact your mood and affect your understanding. Here is what your favorite color says about you:


an fine image of sea
Characteristics: Friendly, emotional, spiritual
Blue is probably one of the most loved colors ever to be. People who like blue are usually associated with being spiritual and capable of making deeper connections. These individuals are also emotional and friendly; they also tend to have charming personalities.


image of rose petals
Characteristics: Loving, positive, angry
Those who love the color red are usually known to be positive and loving people. They are also motivated and do not settle until they reach their goals.
On the other hand, red is also an angry color, meaning that those who like red can be short-tempered and have a short fuse.


image of hills with stunning view
Characteristics: Loyal, supportive
Those who love green are usually known to be great friends since they are loyal and supportive; they are not afraid of being vulnerable because they are good at controlling negative thoughts.


image of sunflowers
Characteristics: Fresh, ambitious
Those who are obsessed with yellow are known to be self-starting and ambitious individuals. They don't take things seriously, know how to have fun, and are good-natured deep down.


image of cherry trees
Characteristics: Sensitive, gentle, compassionate
Those who love pink are usually sensitive and delicate. They like to distance themselves from toxicity, not to let the chaos of the world affect them.


image of fall with orange colors
Characteristics: Warm, challenge seeking
If you are obsessed with orange, the chances are that you're adventurous and enjoy a challenge. Orange lovers can sometimes be perceived as irresponsible people who tend to be fickle. However, this does not affect them, and they continue to live their best life.

Black or White

image of black and white contrast
Characteristics (Black): Strength, power, mysterious
Characteristics (White): Pure, wise, convicted
Black and white are in the same category since people have different opinions on whether or not they are considered colors.
If you like black, you are most likely to have the characteristics of a leader and are usually commanding an audience. You might also be a natural entrepreneur.
Those who gravitate towards white are known to be pure and driven always to do the right thing; they are wise and never overstep boundaries.


image of color grey
Characteristics: Odd, often hide emotions
Gray is a strange and peculiar color. Those who gravitate towards this abnormal color are usually afraid to commit and try to hide their emotions. As a result, they don't have many strong and deep relationships, as they tend to distance themselves from others.


image of purple feathers
Characteristics: Intriguing, down to earth
Those who love purple are usually loving and straightforward people, as they indulge in light and love to fight negative traits. However, these people also tend to be more private and are not good at opening up to others.


image of brown wood
Characteristics: Impatient, unique
Brown is one of the least popular favorite colors, which makes people that love it very special. If you gravitate towards brown, you are likely to be very patient; as a result, it is hard for anyone to get under your skin. You probably admire unique beauty in things and serve as a role model for those around you.
Check out this article for more information on what your favorite color says about you:
What does your favourite color say about you?

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