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The best friend calculator calculates the compatibility of two names and gives a percentage result of your friendship!

Friendship percentage
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How to use the best friend calculator?
How to calculate friendship?
What is friendship?
Different types of friendship
Top 5 famous friendship quotes
25 Qualities That Make a Good Friend: Friends You Can Count On

How to use the best friend calculator?

This best friendship calculator is a calculator that is super easy to use. Calculator calculates the exact compatibility of two names entered and gives a percentage result if you two are good for each other. To use our simple friendship calculator just type in your name and the name of your friend, then hit the calculate button. In the result you will see the percentage of your friendship!

How to calculate friendship?

You can calculate the strength of your friendships by using this very simple best friend calculator!

What is friendship?

A relationship between two or more people that is based upon mutual affection, honesty, and understanding. These unions tend to be formed with people who have similar backgrounds, interests, and enjoy each other's company.
It could also be called friendship, companionship. Phileos is an ancient Greek term that refers to brotherly love between two individuals. These relations can be monogamous but two friends aren't necessarily best friends. But when it comes time to form the best friendship it becomes more complicated and is possible only between two people.

Different types of friendship

  • Best friends are those who have strong interpersonal ties and share strong friendships. Blood brother/sister to anyone who is related by birth, or to those who make a pact with each other by mixing their blood;
  • Buddy is another term that describes a friend.
  • Friends with benefits is a type of relationship that involves two people who don’t want to get into a romantic relationship.
  • Opposite sex friendship describes a nonsexual relationship between two people.
  • Agentic friendship - Both sides work together when it is necessary to reach practical goals. These relationships do not involve sharing emotional content.
  • The term "comrade" refers to an ally, friend, or colleague, especially when it comes to military, political, or other situations in which people are working towards a common goal.
  • Bromance can be described as a close, intimate, and nonsexual relationship between two or three male friends.
  • In Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, Mate is a term that refers to friends. It is particularly popular among males.
  • Family friend refers to a close friend of a family member;
  • Frenemy refers to someone you can't be either a friend or an enemy.
  • Pen pals are people who communicate by mail to form a close friendship. This is very common for school kids who are encouraged by their teachers to exchange writing with others of the same age.
  • Imaginary friends are non-physical friendships that children make. It's a harmless, normal childhood behavior.
  • Top 5 famous friendship quotes

    "Friendship begins when one person speaks to another and says, "What!" Do you agree? C.S. Lewis
    "Friendship is the most difficult thing in the universe to explain. You can't learn this in school. It's not something you can learn in school.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson, "It is one the blessings to old friends that you are able to afford to be stupid with them"
    "Ultimately, the bond to all companionship whether in marriage or in friendship" -Oscar Wilde
    Plutarch, "I don’t need to have a friend who changes when I change and who nods whenever I nod,"

    25 Qualities That Make a Good Friend: Friends You Can Count On

    1. They are kind

    It would be easy to assume that kindness is an expected outcome of any kind of human interaction.
    We've all experienced the "bend over backward” kind of kindness. This makes people uncomfortable.
    A friend's kindness is more about being there for you. They will not give you the shirt off their back but they will take care of your needs so that neither of you has to face the world naked.

    2. They are Honest

    A good friend also has the ability to tell you when they feel hurt or confused by you.
    Many people aren't interested in doing any of these. It's much easier for them not to tell you, "I don’t want your feelings hurt."
    It's a good thing that friends share. Even pain. Even pain can be part of everyday life.

    3. They're individual

    It's possible to create incredible bonds with friends by having a sense of identity. The best friends you have are not trying to be your equal, but they are fully realized as individuals.
    Your individuality can be seen in them and it even helps you see things that might have been overlooked.
    While dreams, goals, personalities, and temperaments may be often similar, even the best of symbiotic relationships know that each member must find their own way to rejuvenate and reflect.

    4. They are adventuresome

    Boredom can also be described as the absence of stimulation (emotional, mental, or physical).
    Good friends fill all three of those needs; they are adventurous in that, among other things, they enjoy doing things, thinking things, feeling things, and sharing in them with you.
    This doesn't necessarily have to mean climbing mountains or bungee-jumping; just a visit to a new place will do.
    Friendship is based on the willingness and desire to travel and experience the world.

    5. They're playful

    If it weren't for your good friends, milk wouldn’t have snorted from your nose in junior high; you wouldn’t have half as many stories from college about things you did; half those stories wouldn’t involve nudity in any way. Today, however, you still have the chance of liquids being snorted from your nose. Except its now wine.
    Friends are always there to play with us. They make us laugh at all the wrong times (devils), and the promise of Christmas morning is in their eyes.
    The world can pretend to be serious but playtime stops it in its tracks every single time.

    6. They're Protective

    Jimi Hendrix was likely thinking about a friend when the lyrics were written.
    A good friend isn't a protective friend who only cares about you in an ego-driven, possessive way. Instead, they are protective of you and all the unique, precious, intrinsic parts of your traveling soul. Because those bits are the ones that attract us to brilliant, shining souls.
    They are often unaware that they have undertaken this mission, but they will continue to do so from here on out, whether they stand up to a mountain, protect you from imminent harm, or even protect you from yourself.

    7. They're trustworthy

    There are people that we only trust as much as we see. These are not good friends.
    You have others. They might be the ones who will place everything that makes them "us" in an egg. Let them race on pogo sticks across a rubble-strewn, booby-trapped field, while we wait for them to return it.
    We trust our friends to be good people. If not, you can splat.

    8. They are nurturing

    While a friend is there to hold your hair while performing the gutbucket Serenade, she also makes sure you get enough sleep, eat well, take enough showers, and listen attentively to what you have to say about your accomplishments or new goals.
    Friends can become parents, children, friends, and even doctors with good friends. This is without ever being difficult or complicated.

    9. They Listen

    Friends who are compassionate and compassionate combine to be excellent listeners. After all, who wants to project "Me" everywhere at everyone?
    It's a good idea to remain silent and allow friends to fill you with themselves as well, as they do for us.
    Another important characteristic of a friend is their willingness to listen to your worries, fears, and questions.

    10. They are extremely helpful

    A good friend will always be there for you. In a pinch. Always.
    They'll take on the work if they feel tired. They're your research partner if you need help with something. They do not argue or tally, and they are always available to help you with any additional tasks. Period.

    11. They have Clairvoyance

    Although not Stephen King-level of clairvoyance (couldn’t hurt though), good friends often seem able to see the bigger picture and know what you want before you do.
    Miraculously they call just when you are about to throw staplers at throwing stars. You're then able calmly enough for another meeting before it's over.
    Do you think this is simply a function relating to your moods and routines or a deeper connection? Some mysteries are fun to discover, even if you don't try.

    12. They are optimist but practical

    "Laissez vos bons temps rouler!" -- Let the good times roll! This rallying cry is shared by many friends. However, a good friend tempers it with the realization that impermanence is part and parcel of life.
    Although good times can end, or must wait sometimes, that doesn’t stop the joy of having a friend live within your heart.

    13. They're respectable

    Respectful of you, respectful of your time, and your right to make errors: these are hallmarks for someone worth being allowed into your lives.
    Respect the things that you love, the ones you fear, and those you avoid. Friendship can become narcissistic, and you will see each other as nothing more than an extension until you're no longer needed.

    14. They are fearlessly large

    Hugs are so essential in our lives. A good friend is one that hugged you yesterday, the previous day, and doesn't see any reason to not do so today.
    While everyone is different in frequency, living with the idea that there's no limit to serial hugging can be a win-win solution.

    15. They're Open-Hearted

    Friendship can be described as an extreme sport that connects soul to soul: we bounce around in this world, not knowing where we'll land or who we'll bump into. Extreme human.
    It takes courage and self-respect to allow someone to feel as randomly placed on a planet as you do. It's a good thing to have friends who do this. You will find that they are willing to share their hearts, their souls, and even leave you space to store a bit of yourself for safety.
    It's a long and difficult journey. However, good friends can make it bearable.

    16. You Can Be Your True Self Around Others

    One of the best qualities of a friend is that they accept you as you are. They make you feel comfortable and allow you to show off every facet of your personality.
    No matter what it is, the way you dance when you're happy or how impulsive you are when drunk, you don’t feel the need for restraint when you’re in their company.

    17. Without being awkward, you can sit in silence and not be uncomfortable

    You are able to share a few moments of silence with someone you love, which is a good sign that you have a deep friendship. A superficial friendship can lead to silence that is deafening and tense. This is something you should avoid.
    Living together (or going on holiday together) is my favorite way to measure friendship. You can tell how close you are when you spend enough quality time together.

    18. When you share good things, you're truly happy together

    It is instinctive to feel envy when you see someone who has the same desires as you. This is true for all superficial friendships.
    True friends are someone you feel deeply connected to and happy for. You are happy to meet them if you find love. If they succeed in their career, we want to hear about it. If they buy a house, we can't wait for our visit.
    If you find yourself wishing for your own luck or imagining that you can be like them, you probably don't have the best friends.

    19. Conversations Move Beyond Small Talk and Catching Up

    Some companies may require that you keep conversations lighthearted and avoid discussing personal issues.
    The best thing about being a good friend is the ability to talk about any topic you want. You don't meet to talk about your day or the latest TV show. Conversations go deeper than that.
    You can discuss the greater things in life, including your dreams, your fears, and your religion. You can have heated conversations and debates, but they are not common.

    20. They Will Confront You if You Are Self-Sabotaging

    A real friendship is one in that you communicate on the deepest levels. It also embodies trust and will prevent you from causing harm to yourself.
    They know you well and can tell when you aren’t acting your best. They will see when your drinking habits are excessive, your health is not in order, your career is at risk, and you take unnecessary risks that could endanger your safety.
    Even though it can be hard for them to confront you about such things it is a sign of friendship that they would find it more difficult to watch you capitulate.

    21. They will encourage rather than discredit you for trying new things

    Your tastes and hobbies will change and your friends will have to talk about it.
    Those who question you about trying new things; those who laugh at this very idea; are not your friends.
    A true friend will support your growth and be there for you when you need it. They will encourage and support you to pursue your passions, whether you're learning salsa or volunteering at a charity.
    Even if you do change your mind in the end, they won't be the ones telling you so. They will be the ones who compliment you for giving your best shot.

    22. They will Forgive you for (Almost Anything)

    A friend who is a good friend should be able to forgive you when you have done wrong. They will seek to understand your actions and talk with you.
    But that doesn't mean they will allow you to do what you want. It's possible to end friendships with one act.
    They might forgive you even if you decide to end your relationship.

    23. You're excited to see them

    Do you remember arranging to meet up for a get-together with a so-called friend and secretly hoping that they would cancel? If you answered yes, then it is likely that they don't count as one of your closest friends.
    If you have a plan to see a friend, you feel mentally and physically excited about the possibility. It is hard to accept if they cancel due to any reason.

    24. You don't have to turn down an invitation from someone you love

    You may be feeling guilty about going to a friend’s party, even though it may sound strange.
    It's possible that you will worry about their reaction to your rejection, and how they might view you. You may feel guilty because they might begrudge or find something offensive in your rejection. It can even lead you to do things you wouldn't like, which is not a characteristic of friendship.
    In contrast, if a true friend invites you to something and then you feel the need to decline, there is always a sense of unconditional understanding. Deep down, you know they won't hold it against your friend or feel any different about you.

    25. You Feel Comfy Enough To Ask A Favorite

    If you are open to asking someone for help, you may consider them to be a close friend.
    This is because you feel confident that they will help you. And if they say no, it doesn't mean they won't try. If you ask a casual acquaintance for a favor and they decline, it is possible that you will be left wondering their motives.
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