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Hair Growth Calculator

This free online hair growth calculator will help you figure out how long your hair will grow in a certain amount of time.

Hair growth calculator

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Hair growth cycle
What are the factors that influence hair growth?
How fast can hair grow? - How to calculate hair growth
What's the difference between straight and curly hair?
What amount of hair were we born with?
What is the reason we have gray hair?
Why is hair necessary?

Hair growth cycle

It seems like hair is simple. It grows and it sheds. Hair growth is more complicated than that. The hair does not grow in a continuous fashion, but rather in cycles. A random number of hairs can be found in each of the three stages of hair growth. This is unlike other mammals whose cycles are either seasonal or cyclical. These stages are called anagen (catagen), telogen, and telogen.
  • Anagen - this refers to the active stage of hair growth, where cells at the root of the hair are rapidly dividing. The new hair pushes out the club hair (also called "club hair") from the hair follicle. Club hair refers to hair that is not in the anagen phase or has stopped growing. Your scalp hair stays in the anagen stage for approximately 2-6 years. The anagen phase for hair on your scalp, arms, legs, and eyebrows last about 2 to 6 years. This is why you won't be able to make a ponytail from these hairs.
  • Catagen - This is a transitional stage that lasts approximately 2 weeks. The growth stops and the club hair begins to form.
  • Telogen - This is the resting phase. It lasts approximately 100 days for the scalp hair and slightly longer for the hairs on other parts of the body. This phase is when the hair follicle and club hair are completely at rest. These hairs are shed between 25 and 100 times per day.
  • What are the factors that influence hair growth?

    You now know everything you can about hair growth. It's time to learn more about what factors affect hair growth.
  • Genetics: A person's genetics determines how fast their hair grows.
  • Sex: Male hair grows faster than female hair.
  • Age: Hair has the highest potential to grow rapidly between 15 and 30 years old.
  • Nutrition:  Proper diet is vital for healthy hair.
  • Stress: This can lead to hair entering the wrong stages in the hair-growth cycle (e.g., too early into the telogen or catagen).
  • How fast can hair grow? - How to calculate hair growth

    The average hair growth rate in a month is 0.5 inches. Therefore, the growth in inches per year can be calculated as L = 0.5 *t. Lrepresents length in inches and trerepresents time in months. Converted, 0.5 can be substituted into the equation to calculate the average hair-growth rate in millimeters/centimeters per month.

    What's the difference between straight and curly hair?

    Two main differences exist between straight and curly hair: the shafts of the hair and the texture. Straight hair's follicle is circular in shape while curly hair grows from a more oval-shaped follicle. Hair texture is determined by the cuticle. This is the hard covering that covers the hair. Straight hair has flattened cuticles, which makes the surface smoother and shinier. Curly hair has a different look because the scales are not as flat. Curly hair looks and feels rougher, but it also gives it more volume.

    What amount of hair were we born with?

    An estimated 5,000,000 hair follicles are present in the human body. Around 100,000 of these hair follicles reside on the scalp.

    What is the reason we have gray hair?

    The pigment cells in your hair's follicles are responsible for making melanin. This chemical gives your hair, eyes, and skin color. These pigment cells begin to die as you age. The result is lighter hair that grows in different shades of gray, silver, and finally white.

    Why is hair necessary?

    Depending on where it is located, hair serves many purposes. Our scalp hair protects us from the sun. While our eyebrows, eyelashes, and nose hairs protect our skin from dust, bugs, and other irritants, our eyelash and nose hairs keep us safe from the elements. The hair is excellent insulation and can increase our sense of touch, so we can feel something before it touches our skin. Scientists believe that hair serves a social communication function.
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