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IQ Percentile Calculator

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What does IQ stand for? What does IQ stand for?
Distribution of IQ
IQ percentile
How to use the IQ percentage calculator

What does IQ stand for? What does IQ stand for?

Psychologists can divide intelligence into two types: fluid and crystallized. This refers to skills and knowledge that have been acquired. Fluid Intelligence is a general cognitive ability that allows you to learn new things and recognize patterns. It also allows you to draw inferences.
IQ refers to a score that is derived from tests designed to measure fluid intelligence. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It is called that because it equals the mental age (based upon the test score) divided by chronological, and multiplied by 100.
It is no longer a percentage, but the name still applies. Most tests calculate the deviation IQ by comparing the scores to the average performance for the representative group within the person's age range. The average IQ of 100 is converted into standard scores. The standard deviation usually is 15.

Distribution of IQ

Intelligence is a normal distribution. This means that it has a bell-curve shape. Nearly all people have a score of around 100 on their IQ. The fewer people who score extreme results, the lower their chances of being scored. This means that there are many "normies", some geniuses, and a few intellectually handicapped people in a normal population.
We can use the empirical rule for IQ distribution. 68% have an IQ of 85 to 115, 95% have between 70 and 130, and 99.7% have between 55 and 145.

IQ percentile

A percentage score is a percentage who has a score that is equal to or lower than the score. An IQ score of 70 would be considered in the 2nd percentile for SD = 15, which is 2% lower than the average score. IQ 125 is the 95th percentile - 95% have an IQ less than 125. This means that 5% of the population scores higher.
Your IQ percentile can help you assess how you compare to the rest of society (read: whether or not you have the brainpower to be the second Einstein).

How to use the IQ percentage calculator

First, you must take a reliable IQ test. Most of the online IQ tests you will find are not valid. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is the most popular IQ test. The following tests are also popular:
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale;
  • Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test
  • Universal Nonverbal Intelligence;
  • Differential Ability Scales
  • Woodcock-Johnson Tests for Cognitive Disabilities
  • After you get the test result:
  • Enter your score into the IQ percentile calculator.
  • Find out the standard deviation of the IQ test that you took. The default IQ percentile calculator uses 15 as the Wechsler or SB5 test. You can change the default value to 16 in advanced mode.
  • The calculator will show you the percentile of your score, along with an explanation. A distribution chart will also be displayed. Scores below yours will appear in dark blue and scores above them in light blue. The X-axis displays IQ scores. The Y-axis indicates the percentage of people with that IQ. The chart shows that approximately 2.7% of the population has an IQ above 100.
  • The IQ range can vary depending on the test type. The test type is not taken into account in the chart, so scores outside of the range are not reliable.
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