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Dog Pregnancy Calculator

This tool will help you estimate the due date of your favorite fur-baby!

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

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How to calculate dog pregnancy
Dog due date, labor, pregnancy
The well-being of your puppy

How to calculate dog pregnancy

How many months are dogs allowed to be pregnant?
Our dog pregnancy calculator takes into account the fact that dogs go through a gestation period of approximately 63 days (almost two years). It is important to remember that nature doesn't always follow the same rules. The period can vary from 58 days to even 68.
This is the formula that powers the dog gestation calculator:
Due date = Date of mating + 63 days
To confirm your dog's pregnancy, your vet might perform palpation testing 28-days after breeding if you have the date.
Do you not know the date of your dog's mating? Your veterinarian will be able to estimate the dog's gestational date and perform a painless ultrasound check.
You can also perform an X-ray after the gestational stage is completed. Due to low levels in ossification, puppies may not be visible during the first trimester.
Your veterinarian may also check your dog's level of relaxin. It is a hormone that is produced only during pregnancy.

Dog due date, labor, pregnancy

A dog can get pregnant at any age between 2 and 6 years old (this is even more in dog years). The 2nd or 3rd heat is when the female is most fertile. This happens approximately every 5 to 11months. It's also during this time that can expect to have the largest litter.
When your dog is pregnant, it will begin to eat more and gain weight. Lab tests may also reveal anemia and high levels of white blood cells. Remember, false pregnancies are quite common in dogs.
Factors that can influence the number of dogs:
Type of dog (large dogs can have 8-12 puppies, small dogs can have 1-4).
the volume of the male's fertilized eggs;
The breeding season
The health of a female and
Pregnancy (previous pregnancies): The condition of the dog's uterus.
You can use our dog gestation calculator to see how your dog's pregnancies progress and when she will be in labor. Your dog's body temperature will drop by 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit at this time. She will be able to breathe faster and feel thirsty. The dog will get anxious and will seek out safe and quiet places to keep her toys.
After we have computed the labor date for the dog using the due date calculator, it is sensible to prepare in advance. The following information will be helpful when the big day arrives:
sterile gloves;
Sterilized scissors
A prepared formula in a glass bottle
The labor of the dogs can last anywhere from 12 to 60 hours. hours.
Didn't you know?
The egg cell of a dog must mature for at least 2-5 days before it can become fertilized with sperm.

The well-being of your puppy

Once you have completed the pregnancy calculator and are certain of the arrival date for your new puppies, keep these rules in mind.
You should avoid certain medications while pregnant, such as antifungal or antibiotic treatments. Tell your vet if you think your dog may be pregnant.
You can check if your dog is getting enough food.
Beginning in the second month, pregnant dogs should consume 20-25% food more than usual.
This amount should increase to 50 % at the end.
During lactation, your pet should eat twice the amount of food that they normally eat.
Within 8-10 days, pups will begin to open their eyes. They will not be able to distinguish between different shapes until the 18th day. You must assist them in finding their mother's nipples if they are having difficulty sucking. But don't worry, they'll know what to do once they're there.
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