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Planning a wedding? Don’t let your finances overwhelm you. Use our wedding budget calculator to help you estimate your costs and keep track of your spending.

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Just got engaged? Congratulations! Planning your wedding is an exciting time of your life as you plan the perfect day to celebrate with your loved ones. There are a lot of different decisions to be made, from the location to the dress and many, many others.
But in all the excitement of planning your dream day, the costs can run away from you. The average wedding costs $28,000, but it’s easy for the costs to spiral way beyond that.
Setting a wedding budget can help you keep your costs manageable and give you a figure to stick to. Using our wedding budget calculator, you can manage your wedding costs and make sure you cover everything you need.

What are typical wedding costs?

When you start breaking down the individual costs of a wedding, you quickly see how it soon adds up. Some of the most common wedding expenses and their average cost include:
  • Reception venue - $10,700
  • Transport - $900
  • Wedding dress - $1,000
  • Wedding hair and makeup - $245
  • Wedding rings - $1,000
  • Wedding planner - $1,700
  • Florist - $2,300
  • Photographer - £2,500
  • Videographer - $1,900
  • Wedding cake - $500
  • Catering - $75 per head
  • Wedding band or singer - $4,300
  • DJ - $1,400
  • Invitations - $530
  • Favours - $450
  • Your own costs could be more or less than this, and there may be some elements you choose not to have, and others that aren’t included in this list. If you source multiple quotes from different suppliers, you’ll get a better sense of what your individual costs will be.
    When getting quotes from suppliers, always ask what the price includes. This can help you work out if there are any extra costs, like service charges and add-ons that you’ll need to factor into your budget.

    Explore where savings can be made

    Seeing the numbers for wedding costs can be overwhelming, but there are a lot of great ways you can save money to help make your costs more manageable.
  • Go down the DIY route to help you save some money and get more hands-on with your wedding planning.
  • Look for suppliers who are still building up their portfolios - you may be able to negotiate a cheaper deal.
  • Prioritize the things you really care about and cut back on others. Having fewer people in your wedding party, for example, can free up costs to spend on your dress or pay for extra bottles of champagne to toast with your guests. It’s all about working out what’s most important to you.
  • Keep an eye out for sales and discounts, you could save a lot of money by shopping around and finding a good bargain.
  • Using a wedding budget calculator should help you adjust your budget to make it work for you. By saving in some areas, you can splurge on others to give you your perfect day.

    How to budget for a wedding

    A wedding cost calculator can give you a clearer indication of what your wedding will cost. From there you can work out how much you need to save, which can be factored into your monthly expenses. If you plan to borrow money for your wedding, either from relatives or a lender, you can use your calculator to help you ask for what you need.
    Your wedding calculator can also help you factor in some emergency or last-minute costs. Weddings can very easily go over budget, so having a little cushion can cover you for some of those unexpected expenses.

    Use a wedding budget calculator to keep your spending on track

    The great thing about a wedding budget calculator is that it can help you stay on track to stop you from overspending. You can keep track of your spending and costs and make adjustments as necessary. Keeping tabs on your spending can help you make adjustments to your savings to make sure everything is covered. When used with other wedding planning tools, you can stay on top of the financial side of your wedding and make sure all your payment deadlines are hit.
    A wedding budget calculator will make sure your wedding budget is tailored to you. While it’s useful to research average costs and get opinions from others, every wedding is unique, so your personal wedding budget will be unique to you.
    Give our wedding budget calculator a try to help you plan for your big day.
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