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Based on the anniversary symbol, this calculator will help you determine what gift to give to your couple.

Wedding Anniversary Calculator

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Marriage anniversaries
What to Write on an Anniversary Card
Hear Anniversary Quotes
An anniversary quote for her
Funny Anniversary Wishes
Romantic Anniversary Sayings
Cute anniversary quotes
An anniversary quote for parents
Friends and Family: An Anniversary Wishes
1-Year Anniversary Quotes
5-Year Anniversaries Quotes
10-year Anniversary Quotes
25th Anniversary Quotes
50th Anniversary Quotes

Marriage anniversaries

These events are celebrated each year as a celebration of the day that a wedding was held. The couple's commitment will grow stronger with the passage of each year. Special gifts were chosen to commemorate the accumulation of time and shared memories. Each gift represents the years gone. The first wedding anniversary symbols are simple and start with paper. However, they gradually grow in substance and value. You can see this example:
Tin (traditional gift) and diamond jewelry (modern gift) are the best options for the 10th wedding anniversary.
You should choose either platinum or china for the 20th wedding anniversary gift.
You should give silver anniversary gifts for the 25th wedding anniversary. This can be a modern or traditional gift.
For the 30th wedding Anniversary, the best wedding anniversary gifts are either pearl (traditional gift) or diamond (modern gift).
A traditional and modern gift for the 40th wedding anniversary should be a ruby.
It is a good idea to give 50th-anniversary gifts made of gold, both traditional and modern.
Gifts for the 60th Wedding Anniversary should be either yellow diamond (traditional gift), or diamond (modern gift).
The Middle Ages saw the practice of giving anniversary gifts that were specifically based on the number of years of marriage. The American National Retail Jeweler Association (now Jewelers of America), created the present gift conventions in 1937. It introduced an expanded range of gifts that combined traditional wedding gifts with modern options.

What to Write on an Anniversary Card

You don't have to say "Happy Anniversary" enough. Use our anniversary quotes as a way to wish the happy couple many more years together.
Even though the wedding is long over, each anniversary in marriage is still worthy of celebration. Their wedding day is a highlight of many memorable moments in a couple's lives, including their first date, first date, first kiss, and first love. Love and marriage are not always easy.
Therefore, it's important to send anniversary wishes (and perhaps even an Anniversary gift). The day serves as a reminder for a couple of the reasons why they fell in love and the promises they made.
Technically, anniversary wishes are not required by etiquette. But there are exceptions. A spouse should always remember the big event, so they don't want to forget. Because many people would not be here without their parents' marriage day, it is important for children to consider making anniversary wishes and wishing Mom and Dad well. Anniversaries are also a nice gesture, especially for significant milestones like 10, 25, and 50 years. But what do you write in an Anniversary Card? The easiest way to send anniversary wishes is to just say "I love you," and the best news is that you don’t have to be a famous poet or author.
Here's to your special day! Happy anniversary!
It's the right time to celebrate again. Happy Anniversary
Here are our best wishes for another great year of love. Happy anniversary!
Warmest wishes for you and your spouse on this important milestone in your marriage. Happy Anniversary
Here's wishing you a happy and fulfilling year. Happy anniversary!
Each day, love one another more. Happy Anniversary
Dos. Deux. Duo. This day is all about you, no matter what you call it! Happy Anniversary!
My best wishes to the couple that I love. Happy Anniversary!
This special day is reserved only for you. Happy anniversary!
Don't worry about the dress, enjoy some cake and the company of your friends. Happy Anniversary!

Hear Anniversary Quotes

You're confused about what to say to your mister for his anniversary? These wedding anniversary quotes will help you show your love for him if you don't want to just say "I love You".
I am grateful for your kindness and support.
I'm still glad you met me.
Another year passed, and I'm still looking for your bacon.
You'll always have my stud muffin.
You are and will always stay in my happy place.
A good night's sleep is guaranteed when you are right beside you.
I am grateful for your assistance, even though there is nothing between us that feels broken.
I will always choose you, regardless of what happens.
You are the only team I'd ever like to be on.

An anniversary quote for her

Even though the wedding gown is no longer in fashion, it will still be a beautiful memory of the day you first met. Use these sweet anniversary quotes to show your love for her today, as well as the ones you used when you sent her wedding wishes.
My best decision was to marry you.
You are just as beautiful as on our wedding day.
I really won the lady lotto!
Thanks for not giving up looking for the better.
A year more with you makes it possible for me to believe that we will live forever.
I was skeptical that it was possible to be in love with you. But, I'm here.
I looked up the word "perfect" and found a picture.
Your wedding dress was beautiful, but your yoga pants make my heart skip a beat.
To my doe: You are my love, deer.

Funny Anniversary Wishes

The funny couple who are bonded by humor will be happy with only funny anniversary messages. These humorous wedding anniversary quotes are ideal for the playful, fun-loving couple who don’t take their lives too seriously. These anniversary wishes are guaranteed to make them giggle.
I love and miss you more than ever--yesterday you irritated me.
This is your annual reminder that you are married up.
Congratulations on your amazing marriage.
While I understand that loving me is not always easy, it's something I'm willing to do.
You will always take my breath away, just like a kick to your gut.
You are still the only person I want to punch in my throat every year, year after année.
It makes up for all of the mistakes I've made.

Romantic Anniversary Sayings

If you aren't feeling the happy or funny anniversary quotes, maybe you should go more serious. These heartfelt phrases will keep your romance alive with these words that sure convey your love for your partner.
1. My favorite love story of all is ours. 
2. I am reminded every day that we are meant to be together. 
3. Every day I feel more in love with you than the one before. 
4. My love for your keeps growing as I love you more and less each day. 
5. You are my forever-lasting love and I cannot express it in words. 
6. Happy anniversary to the love that I have always loved and here's wishing you many more years filled with happiness.

Cute anniversary quotes

We have sweet anniversary quotes for the couple who loves to match their outfits and recite Lady and the Tramp. These kind of lovey-dovey couple are what we have created the following cute anniversary messages.
Your face will always have my affection.
Thanks for keeping me warm at night.
I think you and the nest that we made together will be the only Owl I need in this life.
We are grateful for your support in streaming Game of Thrones episodes.
A year more and I'd still choose to be with you over a litter of puppies.
You'll always be my milk, and you'll always be my cookies.

An anniversary quote for parents

Mom and Dad did it right. Through many years of bad and good times, they have remained together and are role models for what love looks like and how marriage works. This collection of anniversary quotes for parents is sure to give your major praises to their marriage.
Thank you for believing in soulmates.
May today be as special to you as the day when I was born.
You gave your children so much love. We appreciate you never let us down.
Thank you for making my "love", more important than I thought.
Thank you for making it last. The holidays are difficult enough.
Love is a gift that doesn't need to be taken for granted.
While you may have planted the seed long ago, your love is what keeps our family tree root.

Friends and Family: An Anniversary Wishes

Friends can be laid back when it comes to friendship. Instead of sending an anniversary card, what about sending them a text message? Or a post on social media to wish them well. Even better, have some friends over for cocktails to toast the happy couple.
Peanut butter and jelly are like peanut butter, they're better together.
You and I have #relationshipgoals.
Congratulations to the coolest couple, who knows how to keep it hot.
Both of them can be combined like popcorn or Netflix.
It makes me smile to know that you'll always have someone to turn to when you need a ride to and from the airport.
I won't love you if you are wrong.
A tuxedo is not necessary to celebrate your love at this year's wedding.
One plus one plus equals another calendar year for you two.

1-Year Anniversary Quotes

Although it seems like only yesterday that the couple got married, it actually took place over 365 days. That's something that is worth celebrating! These 1-year anniversary quotations are perfect for defrosting the year-old wedding cakes in the freezer.
One year down. The rest of our lives to follow.
This year will be the first of many.
This is the first year for many.
Here's to 365 #IRL days of marriage
And here I am, 365 days later.
Just one year in, you're making Mr. & Mrs. look effortless.

5-Year Anniversaries Quotes

Five years is not too long to celebrate double-digit milestones that are often forgotten. Here are the five-year anniversary quotes for couples who have been married for half a decade.
Give high fives to your five-year milestone.
Five years, 60months, 260weeks, or 1,825 Days - however you choose to count it, it all adds up to love.
If you are looking for silverware as a wedding gift, we have the perfect solution: two spoons.
Congratulations on five years filled full of new memories and many more.
On the one hand, you have all the years in your marriage. We are sure you will run out of fingernails and toes to count all the more.
Five is my new favorite number because of this milestone.

10-year Anniversary Quotes

If you are looking for anniversary gifts for 10 years, traditional traditions recommend tin or aluminum, or modern diamond jewelry. Here are 10-anniversary wishes for couples that have been married for ten years.
One decade down; forever to go.
Ten years are only the beginning. The best is yet in-store as long as you stay together.
This milestone is one of many that will help you get to the next step in your life.
We wish you a decade filled with love. Enjoy a glass of bubbly as you toast your past, present, future.
May your vows have the same meaning today as they did a decade back.

25th Anniversary Quotes

The "silver' anniversary is also known. This milestone is sure to bring joy to all couples #relationshipgoals. This married couple knows how to keep the spark alive and compromise with ease. These 25th-anniversary quotes deserve all the credit.
Your 25th year of marriage will be marked by more silver gifts than your hair.
Your 25-year marriage may have been unique, but your wedding is still special.
While it may seem small in money, a quarter can be a substantial amount. However, over the course of your lives, you will prove that it is worth a fortune.
We are proud of you for 25 years, but who is counting?
"Real love stories do not have endings" - Richard Bach
Fate had other plans for the pair of you when they were paired.

50th Anniversary Quotes

It is a goal that every couple strives for, but very few succeed in achieving the "golden," anniversary. These 50th-anniversary quotes will make you humble before these marriage masters.
"In your life, it's not the place you go, it’s who you are with." Charles Schulz
Your unending love is an inspiration for us all.
Let's celebrate your fairytale relationship and continue to live happily ever after.
It's been fifty years since then, and all that glitters remains gold.
Congratulations on a love story, which has stood the test of time for more than 50 years.
May your life bring you the same good fortune as your years of marriage.
A simple message, no matter how small, can mean a lot. Choose one of the simpler ones or choose one that is more humorous for your anniversary. Choose one from the heart, and you'll be as rich as gold.

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